Most of the time, the rain on the fat has weakened or faded.

However, in Yeongdong, Gangwon Province, strong rainstorms have been pouring from yesterday (28th) to the present, and heavy rain warnings are still in effect as heavy rains of around 30mm per hour are still pouring.

If you look at the amount of rain that rained from yesterday to now, you can see that more than 200mm of water bombs poured into Yeongdong and Jeju Island in Gangwon.

In Gangdong, Yeongdong, where there has already been a lot of rain, it will rain more than 120mm by tomorrow morning, and in most other regions, rain will come and go until tomorrow morning, but between 5 and 40mm is expected.

Even strong winds need attention. Currently, while the windsurfing newsletter has been issued on the entire sea, and the strong winds have been issued on the east coast, the strongest winds with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 70 km/h will be blown around these areas.

In addition, today and tomorrow, Jeju and Namhae coastal areas are expected to be pushed up to the waves, so you should pay attention to safety accidents above all else.

The day will be cleared gradually from the afternoon of tomorrow, and after that, the rainy season is expected to rest again soon.

(Jeong-Ju Jung, Meteorological Caster)