The controversy is spreading as South Korea's three-member hip-hop group has been exposed to sexually inappropriate behaviors against black minors online.

On the 24th, online petition site'Chain' was registered with a petition named'Definition for W-Group Victims' and over 10,000 people agreed in just six days. Most of the people who have agreed are K-Pop overseas fans, and overseas YouTubers dealing with some K-Pops are raising questions about the'W Group Incident'.

In the petition, "W group composed of Koreans, while talking to black minor fans in a group chat room, gradually became more and more obscene, and even asked for some nude photos, and even sent their own nude photos and obscene voice messages." You need to act and need strong investigation and punishment."

On the online SNS site, an account called'Group of W Group Victims' was created, and voice messages and text messages that allegedly were sent to minor fans by four W group members were posted.

Mr. A, who claims to be a victim of the W group, said, "Black girls who are interested in K-pop and fans of the W group have a group social chat and the W group members join the chat there." Talked at, but some members asked the girls to'show me a naked picture' or sent a naked picture of themselves."

Mr. A said, "At the time of the chat, I was 16 years old, and I was 17 years old for a W group member. The W group member in his late 20s knew that I was a minor and said,'Black women have sexual orientation.' Wow, I asked to come to Korea to meet. I kept on rushing to send you pictures of obscenity, and then I saved them. Later, I found out that everything was wrong, and I protested.

According to Mr. A, there are about 10 black minors who claim to have suffered inappropriate sexual activity against the W group.

'W Group Victims' side said, "There is not 100% of the evidence left by W members because they have left their account or erased the message because it might be a problem, but it is true that they are trying to sexually approach minors in a group chat room and harassing them." Urged.

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In response, the W Group denied that the allegations of the victims group were true.

W group member B said, "Voice messages are ours, but the people who received the voice messages or those who received the messages weren't teenagers. The people who came out as victims weren't the victims, and we didn't actually sexually assault anyone. "I'm trying to bury a person in the'Kathera way' without any evidence, and I'm consulting a lawyer."

Regarding the reason for claiming the damage, Mr. B said, "We have a lot of Asian concepttra anti-fans who follow the black culture. Recently, as the black human rights movement has spread, we are being sold for a tail-trick." "I'm inclined to take it out and cause trouble. When the police investigation is underway, I'm also willing to go out and investigate myself."

The W group is a hip-hop group composed of four male rappers from the early 20s to the late 20s two years ago. Until recently, it has released songs written and composed directly online.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)