Reporter (Reporter Qiu Wei) On June 27th, Beijing Satellite TV's large-scale music program "Crossover Song King" started its fifth season. The lineup of this season not only has four strong singers in previous seasons: Wang Kai, Qin Hailu, Little Shenyang, Li Xiaomeng sit in town, and cross-border newcomers Zheng Kai, Zhong Chuxi, Tan Jianci, Niu Junfeng as challengers came to fight for the throne.

  Since the launch of "Crossover Song King", a total of 90 cross-border singers have worked hard on this stage, making "Cross Border Song King" a test place for the star's hard power. At the same time, cross-border singers also turned around with the help of the show and became the "new trump card" of music.

  The fifth season of "Crossover Song King" is completely different from the previous four seasons. The first four seasons of Song King will return fully and face off with the "new voice" on the cross-border stage. This season's show is back to the fierce competition system of real competition and real elimination. The new and old song kings are on the same stage as the PK, and the winners will be on the throne. The losers will be directly "KO". Cross-border singers participating in the challenge must put aside their previous achievements and auras in other fields and prove themselves again on this stage.

  This is the third time that Wang Kai has participated in "Crossover Song King". Wang Kai, who had a childhood dream of music, once again stepped on the crossover stage to deliver warm energy with music. From the novelty of participating in the show for the first time, to the freedom to enjoy singing, the cross-border stage witnessed the growth of Qin Hailu. This uncrowned song Wang who deserves to use a gun and sings love songs is deserved. The changing genre of Shenyang, this time with a relaxed attitude to participate in "Crossover Song King", while bringing entertainment to the audience, he also wants to show his treble strength. As the fourth season show champion, Li Xiaomeng's cross-border journey is not only a show of singing, but also looking forward to meeting old friends on this stage to bring a different feeling to the audience.

  This season, "Crossover Song King" will continue to break through the border of crossover, and set up a "crossover college". In this college, a vocal guidance room, dance room and arranger room will be arranged, and through the formation of stories in the "Cross-Border Academy", the audience will be able to see the real hard work and dedication of cross-border singers in the audience. With performance.