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The professional anti-bullfighter Peter Janssen has set himself on fire when he attacked trucks from a Dutch slaughterhouse. He set the vehicles on fire but something went wrong and the Dutch-born anti-bullfighter residing in 2015 in the town of Don Benito fled the scene, turned into a fireball.

Janssen can see gasoline sprayed from trucks on security cameras. In a moment, he returns to his targets to place or pick up the match , when caught in the flames. He runs away. Police later identified him from the car's license plate.

The owner of the slaughterhouse has told local media that he saw a group of animalists filming. "Sometimes they threaten us," he said . Janssen had another can of gasoline ready inside the factory. Her accident prevented her from setting fire to the Tomassen Duck-To facility. The events occurred at night. "Since they were here, they knew where the vehicles were."

Janssen belongs to the Dutch anti-bullfighting association CAS International, an entity that lubricates the activities of Vegan Streaker, to which the professional anti-bullfighting belongs. Janssen has jumped into several bullrings to hug the bulls before being dragged . Madrid, Seville, Córdoba, Burgos and Palma, where he tried to attack the bullfighter Morante de la Puebla. On that occasion, the Seville squad acted forcefully.

Janssen is in search and capture in Spain, where he has several pending cases, after he was ordered by the Investigating Court number 7 in Madrid. According to local media, which quote the anti-bullfighting lawyer, Janssen has suffered "minimal injuries" .

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