A fan who shows his constant affection without forgetting the singer 故 Kuhara who passed away is a topic.

Yesterday (28th), an online community posted an article titled'I am a fan of the Guhara Gallery alone.' The author posted a capture copy of the DC Inside Guhara Gallery bulletin board, saying, "There is a fan who keeps the Guhara Gallery by posting consistently from late January to the present." 
According to the captured version, a fan with the nickname of'Piano' kept posting various photos of Guhara every day without missing a single day.

He sometimes left short letters to Kuhara, such as "The weather has cleared up. I hope you're doing well in the warm sun." 
One netizen asked, "Why do you keep uploading photos?" and the fan responded with a muffled answer, "Is there any other reason besides liking Hara?"

Another netizen wrote, "Piano's love is so great. It may not be rewarded. The love will be passed on to Kuhara in heaven." "It is a great reward. Please stop by the gallery whenever you think about it."
The netizens who heard the story of the fans are responding warmly, such as "I'm in tears even when I see it", "I wish I could be happy even if I asked for it", "I'm thankful for having such a fan". 

(Photo = DC Inside Guhara Gallery, Guhara Instagram)