China News Service, June 28th, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau Chenghua District Bureau issued a notice on the 28th through an official Weibo, saying that an 8-year-old boy was kidnapped and beaten by a 17-year-old man in an elevator in a community, with multiple heads and body surfaces. Injured. At present, the men involved have been criminally detained according to law.

  According to the report, at 23:00 on June 25, the Chengdu Public Security Bureau Chenghua Branch received a public alarm saying that his child was kidnapped in the elevator of a community in Zhishun Road. The police quickly arrived at the scene and the alarm was found in the underground parking lot of the community His son Zhang Mouchen (male, 8 years old, native of the city). Zhang Mouchen suffered multiple injuries to his head and body surface. He was sent to 120 for medical treatment in time without danger to his life.

  At 0:00 on June 26, the police arrested the suspect Zhang Mouhao (male, 17 years old, from Bazhong City, Sichuan Province). At present, Zhang Mouhao has been criminally detained in accordance with the law for suspected crimes, and the case is being further investigated.

Screenshot of the official Weibo of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau Chenghua Branch