China News Network Kunming, June 27 (Reporter Dao Zhinan) A reporter learned from the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau on the 26th that since this year, Yunnan Province has cracked 3944 cases of drug crimes, seized 9.83 tons of drugs, and seized 764.63 tons of drugs. .

  Since 2019, public security organs in Yunnan Province have strengthened public investigations and special investigations, carried out a series of special operations such as "clearing" and "clearing" drug users, and publicized and mobilized people to participate in the fight against drugs, all of which have achieved good results.

  The public security organs of Yunnan Province have also built a smart barrier to block sources and intercept rivers with the National Drug Control Big Data Yunnan Center. The province has cracked down on drug cases, seizures, and drug payments by more than one-third of the total. During the pilot period from August to December 2019, the province seized 1.67 tons of drugs shipped by logistics, which was an increase of 75.8% year-on-year.

  In addition, the public security organs of Yunnan Province used the "China-Laos-Myanmar-Thailand" and "China-Vietnam" border joint anti-drug operations as the starting point. In 2019, they held 34 talks and meetings with neighboring countries and 27 joint border anti-drug operations to capture drug traffickers abroad. 372 people seized 1.7 tons of drugs.

  Yunnan, located in the southwestern frontier of China, borders Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. It is one of the main channels through which the “Golden Triangle” drugs flow into China. It is the forefront and main battlefield of China's anti-drug struggle. In 2019, the province of Yunnan seized 31.4 tons of drugs and 2976.9 tons of drugs, accounting for 48% of China's total drug payments that year. (Finish)