Author: He Qiannan

People who live inland

There will always be a sea in my heart

The Vision of Spring

I want to feel the salty and damp sea breeze beating on my face

Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Beidaihe New District on the beautiful Gold Coast

Or go to the water town in Jiangnan

Feel the haze of smoke along the lake

Or lightly cut a curtain of smoke and rain and listen to the flowers

Pujiang, Zhejiang: Intensive cultivation and rejuvenation

The picturesque mountains and rivers are in the painting. The Pujiang County Agricultural Office provides Qinghai, deep in the northwest hinterland

If you want to go for a ride on the beach

Or to feel a willow wind blowing coldly

Is a journey that needs to cross half of China

Baidu map screenshot

If it's really itchy and unbearable

I want to take a trip related to "water"

In fact, there are good choices in Qinghai Province

Photograph by Zhao Rongsong of Qinghai Lake in Early Summer

Just in the eyes of most people

Drought and water shortage are the main melody of Qinghai

No one will believe

One impression should be

The cold north wind envelops the place where the wind and sand are raging

His true appearance is indeed "water spirit"

Plateau sapphire Qinghai Lake photo by Li Xiaogang

So, where does the water come from?


Qilian Mountain, Kunlun Mountain,

Bayan Hara, Tanggula and other mountains

Mostly in the cold places above 5,000 kilometers above sea level

Snow on the top of the mountain

Is a silent country covered in snow

The picture shows the photo of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration Photographed by Chen Peng of Kunlun Mountain

In the long years


Backlogging, melting, freezing from fluffy snow flakes

The final crystal

Photograph by Li Jun, Bogda Banfeng, Kunlun Mountain

Xiaran Yellow River source year Baoyuze Snow Mountain Lewang photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Under the influence of gravity

They slowly flow down the hillside

Become a treasure trove of time left here-glaciers

Photograph by Li Changfu, Gladandong Glacier, the main peak of Tanggula Mountain, courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Overlooking from above

Glaciers rise

Under the sun in the mountains

White jade flawless



Overlooking the main peak of Bayan Hara Yarada Zehe Daming photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Whenever the warmer spring and summer season comes

Glaciers and snowy mountains resemble solid reservoirs

Under sufficient solar radiation

Melt into water

Photograph by Anima Qingshi Zhanguo

Nourish grasslands and rivers under the mountain

A pure photo from the corner of the source of the Lancang River

Breeding high native spirits on the land

Photograph of the official group of good pastures under the Qilian Mountains

Supported the industrial and agricultural development in Qaidam Basin and Hehuang Valley

Photo by Li Jun in the Morning of Salt Lake

Become the main water source for some rivers and lakes

Photographed by Youyou Chong on Lake Dungeon

Is to sustain the entire river basin

"Water Tower" for water resource balance

Mai Wangkai


The drop of water slowly seeping from the end of the melting glacier

Along the way, there are countless humble streams

Overlooking the Tuotuo River Cai Zheng photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Into the broad foothills

Meandering into braids

Photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Eventually merged into three big rivers

Yellow River, Yangtze River, Lancang River

Photo courtesy of the Sanjiangyuan National Park Authority

And give them a majestic, heroic momentum

Break through the mountains and rush towards the sea

Along the way

Fushu Plain, the land of fish and rice


Image courtesy of Yellow River Company of Laxiwa Hydropower Station

"Just not see the water of the Yellow River coming to heaven,

Running back to the sea never returns. "

For the Yellow River, the Chinese have the most nostalgic feelings

The Yellow River was born. Photo courtesy of Longyin Nine Songs Pictured by Hua Dan Photographed by Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

It is mother river

It nurtured the Chinese civilization for five thousand years

There are many literati samurai

Not hesitate to record its appearance with beautiful poems

Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Maduo County Committee of Donggecona Lake at the source of the Yellow River

The Yellow River in people's memory

Is roared with thick sand

Magnificent and imposing

The water of the Yellow River came to heaven from Shen Chuanli to take photos from the Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

But at the source of the Yellow River

It is indeed a clear and tricky "warm" look

Photographed by Li Xiaogang in the Yellow River Bay of Jianzha

There are many scattered around it

Lakes of different sizes and shapes

Photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration, Cai Zhengshe, Huangheyuan, Maduo County, Qinghai

These lakes are densely packed and dotted

Looking down the mountain

Like a star in the sky

Shining in the sky

Present a bizarre view

The starry sea in summer presents a strange view Photo by Zhao Rongsong

And these are just the tip of the iceberg in the lake kingdom

There are more than 1,800 large and small lakes in Qinghai

There are 262 lakes with an area of ​​more than 0.5 square kilometers

Nearly half of the total number of Chinese lakes are here

Thousand Lake Wonders at the Source of the Yellow River, Sanjiangyuan National Park

Photograph by Li Quanju, Xingxinghai in the source area of ​​the Yellow River, courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

The lake in Qinghai is not like Jiangnan

Is "to pick up a soft strip and make it shallow

"The breeze blows off the lotus song"

Autumn Lotus by Bosten Lake Photo by Hao Liu

Not all lakes are like Qinghai Lake

It's a vast ocean

Photographed by Li Xiaogang in Qinghai Lake in winter

In the Qaidam Basin

There are many "solid" lakes-Salt Lake

Photograph by Salt Lake Cai Zheng

Under the influence of sunlight and salt water concentration

The colors of these salt lakes are variable

24 hours a day, all year round

All have different color changes

Present a colorful and beautiful landscape

Emerald Lake Photo by Zhao Linsong

Aerial view

Just like the palette of nature, it's beautiful

Photograph by Li Xiaodong, Hanhai Yantian

The overlooking Chaka Salt Lake has another beautiful Zhou Xingliang photo

If you are in the salt flower bush, step on the salt bridge

The endless salt lake forms a mirror image of the sky and water

Like being in the sky, roaming in a fairyland

Photo by King Fire of the Chalkhan Salt Lake

Remove the colorful colors of the "solid" salt lake

Freshwater lake in Qinghai

It also appears to be "unusual"

Photo by Chuihu Dancer Liu Zhongjun

Arak Lake

Like a jasper mirror dancing with a red ribbon

Winding hundreds of kilometers

Photo by the Fire King of the Earth

Koruk Lake and Tosu Lake are very close

Style and personality are very different

One road divides two horizons

Fertile side grass

On one side the Gobi is vast

Photograph of King Fire Lake

Lover Lake love Liu Kuanxin photo

There are also Zhaling Lake, Eling Lake, Donggecona Lake,

Kokosiri Lake, Hara Lake... .

In the eyes of herdsmen who have lived here for generations

These lakes are supremely sacred

Is a gift from God to the earth

Photo by Zhang Ruimin at Lakeside Ranch

Enjoy the benefits of glaciers, rivers and lakes in Qinghai

Wetlands are rich in resources and various types

Plateau wetland Zhang Jiyuan photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Wetlands and forests and oceans are called

Three major ecosystems on earth

Known as the "Kidney of the Earth"

Has the protection of biodiversity,

Functions to regulate runoff and improve water quality

Photo by King Fire of Lake Arak

April 2015

China's second wetland resource survey results show

Qinghai wetland resources rank first in the country

15.19% of the total area of ​​wetlands in China

Wetland Autumn Rhyme Photo by Li Haisheng

Unique geographic location

Rich natural resources and important ecological functions

Determined the ecological security of Qinghai for my country and the world

Has a unique and irreplaceable role

Photo by King Fire of Lake Arak

once Upon a time

Qinghai Lake is losing weight

Sanjiangyuan is ecologically fragile

Lake shrinkage, river outage

Serious ecological degradation

A large area of ​​lake ice appears along the coast of Qinghai Lake. Photo by Fu Shengwu

In recent years

Qinghai takes natural restoration as the main focus

The scientific method supplemented by artificial restoration

Continue to increase water environmental protection

Strengthen water resources management

Launch water pollution control work

Regular investigation and evaluation of the environmental status of the water supply area

And carry out water administration law enforcement monitoring actions

The citizens of Xining put the fry of piebald naked into Ludanyang in Huangshui River


Implement the task of the long-term work of the rivers and lakes

Increase the inspection intensity and frequency of key river reach

Encourage farmers and herders in water sources

Actively participate in the long-term work of rivers and lakes

Carry out garbage collection, river bank environmental sanitation and river management

The eco-managers are picking up garbage while patrolling

In Qinghai

People's awareness of protection is getting stronger

Protect water ecology,

Has become a national action

Volunteers pick up trash by Qinghai Lake Photographed by Liang Kai

Now in the global climate change impact,

The government vigorously protects and governs

Qinghai wetland and lake area expanded significantly

Present the beauty of abundance

Reproduction of "Thousand Lakes"

Plateau Wetland Photo by Zhao Shenghong

Lake wetlands owned by Qinghai

Not only brought up

People living on this land

Also nourish this land

Rich animal and plant resources

This is the happiest paradise for wild animals!

Photo courtesy of the Tibetan Antelope Qinghai Sanjiangyuan Ecological Protection and Construction Office

Photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Service

Photo courtesy of Snow Leopard Qinghai Sanjiangyuan Ecological Protection and Construction Office

White-lipped deer Bu Jianping photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Wild yak Fan Shangzhen photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

In every winter

Thousands of birds are like Ruixue

Landed in the wetland by the lake for winter

A vibrant scene

Yang Tao, a big swan who moved to Qinghai Lake for winter

Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Birds Qinghai Three Rivers Ecological Protection and Construction Office

You see, the winding river

The blood beating like the earth

Moisturizes all creatures

Wild animals frequently "show up"

Outline the ecological picture of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature...

Image courtesy of the Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Photo by Chu Xiaoma Li Xiaodong

In 2019, Qinghai was included in the national assessment

9 surface water monitoring sections

Comprehensive water quality standards

Excellent water quality ratio is 94.7%

And higher than the national requirement by 5.2 percentage points

Photo courtesy of Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration

Qinghai ensures that a river of clear water flows eastward

The water from its source nourishes

Qinghai changes China

Affect the world