• BlackLivesMatter.HBO withdraws and then replaces with clarifications 'Gone with the wind'

Television, and the audiovisual industry in general, continues to review with a critical and anti-racist eye the films and series of a somewhat remote past, as is the case of Gone with the Wind - HBO withdrew it and included it again with a warning about content that denies slavery-, but also from recent decades and even programs that continue to air, as is the case, now of The Simpsons.

The phenomen is not new. It has happened in recent years with pictures by Balthus, for example, and with novels like Lolita . Now, in the heat of the BlackLivesMatter movement, which reemerged strongly after the death of African-American citizen George Floyd, it is renewed. Another recent example: one of the writers for the Friends series apologized for not including a black person in the cast of characters.

The decision has been made by the Fox network, but it has been influenced by statements by voice actors who do not want to continue interpreting the voices of black, African American, Indian, indigenous people ... From now on, no black character will have behind a white actor.

"In the future, The Simpsons will no longer have white actors playing non-white characters," the company said in a statement. It will be an important change for the longest running animated series, as it will affect such charismatic characters as Dr. Hibbert, Carl Carlson and Apu Nahasapeemapetilonm, the publication Deadline reported .

Fox's reaction comes just after veteran voice actor Mike Henry announced on his Twitter account that he will no longer give voice to Cleveland Brown , the black character of Family Guy . "It has been an honor to play Cleveland in Family Guy for 20 years. I love his character, but people of color should play characters of color. Consequently, I leave the role," said the actor, whose decision also coincides with identical gestures. White actors Jenny Slate (from the Netflix series Big Mouth ) and Kristen Bell (from Central Park , on Apple TV) made the same decision.

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