The production behind the American television series The Simpsons announces that white people will not vote for characters in the TV series that have a different ethnic background, the BBC reports.

"The Simpsons will no longer have white actors casting votes for non-white characters," the production states.

The message comes in conjunction with the demonstration that Black Lives Matter has taken place in the United States and is spread around the world.

Played "Apu"

Earlier this year, Hank Azira, who is behind the character Apus' voice, jumped off the series. It has been a role he has played since the start of the television series in 1990. For several years, criticism has been directed at the production over the voice behind the Indian-American cast.

- We have all made this decision jointly. We all agreed. We all feel this is the right thing, Hank Azira said in January when he announced he was quitting. 

Fox Network, which is behind The Simpsons, has not announced whether Adu's character will continue in the series. 

Other actors quit

Other actors have also withdrawn following criticism of productions for not using the voices of people with a different ethnic background. In the American series The Family Guy, Mike Henry, who is behind the voice of the character Cleveland Brown, has announced that he is also quitting. Mike Henry was behind Cleveland Brown's voice for 20 years.  

Kristen Bell, who plays, is also behind Molly's voice in the TV series Central Park, she also announces that she is quitting.