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Let those who are worried that cats are evil geniuses ready to conquer the world in secret reassure themselves, our feline friends are apparently not always very gifted or clever. And it is not Pixar who will say the opposite. This animal spent two months (!) With its head stuck in a lamp, enough to make us put the hell of our confinement into perspective.

As for the discovery of cow's udder milk, we don't really want to know how it was done, but the feline wandered its pain and its probable torticollis in the village of Sessenheim (Bas-Rhin), until 'that the inhabitants finally manage to capture it, thanks to the help of the German association THRO, which brought back a giant cage.

Released feline

Finally catch this cat, it's done. The question remained: Was the association L'Ecole du Chat Libre d'Alsace going to save him and remove this lamp? We were not going to tell you a sad story for your weekend brunch, we are not monsters, so be happy to learn that yes, Pixar was finally released from his prison thanks to the help of a veterinarian.

And now, what future for the iron mask feline? His future looks bright, since he will be placed in a foster family for the time to rediscover two or three habits of life in society and will then be adopted. Everything is good which ends well therefore.


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