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You've probably seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or on a WhatsApp chat. Because intoxicants rub shoulders with real news more and more, writing  20 Minutes  helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Did Didier Raoult correctly anticipate the Covid-19 epidemic? 

We return to several of his statements. 

2. Limiting the speed on the highway to 110 km / h, is it really beneficial for the environment? 

The proposal is the subject of lively debate. 

3. Do outdoor gatherings cause Covid-19 clusters?

Are internet users who take offense at each new video of its kind right to worry?

4. Could Steve Maia Caniço's phone have been stuck underwater?

Back on this essential point of the case, a year after the young man's death. 

5. Do the countries mentioned by Didier Raoult on BFMTV really recommend hydroxychloroquine? 

China, India, Brazil ... We take stock. 

6. Yes, hydroxychloroquine was invited to a test subject in Marseille

And some Internet users were moved. 

7. Is it really "as easy as cabbage" to check the links between doctors and laboratories?

That's what Didier Raoult said (a little quickly). 

8. What are the links between Didier Raoult and certain laboratories?
Gilead, Sanofi ... Overview.

9. No, Sibeth Ndiaye did not defend the throwing of stones at the police

Contrary to what the truncated extract of one of his interviews suggests.

10. Beware of this map of the French "red zones"

It has something to mislead. 

11. No, a Parisian bar did not charge a customer for ice cubes

A hoax (inspired by reality) is taken seriously.

12. Yes, a Covid-19 Essentials store has opened in Florida

And there are products exclusively related to protection against coronavirus.

Bonus: Check out the latest issue of "Oh my fake" 


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