The current government was born from a sum of radicalisms agglutinated by the rejection of the right. His foundational lie consisted of selling those who took Sánchez away from sleep as progressives, starting with the Bolivarian populism of Podemos and continuing with the unrepentant coup d'etat of the ERC and the political heirs of ETA. At the top, an adventurer of gaseous principles emancipated from the social democratic tradition that gave meaning to a historical acronym, today nothing more than a caesar platform to greater personal glory of the plenipotentiary leader. His Frankenstein coalition set out on the programmatic path of the culture war against the opposition. Until the pandemic broke out and that cainita and puerile program flew through the air.

Sánchez then discovered why it was not a good idea to abandon moderation and entrust his survival to anti-system parties without a sense of state or interest in learning it. It was the same opposition that he caricatured as a reactionary bloc that out of responsibility saved him successive extensions of the alarm when separatism abandoned him. And it is the constitutionalist opposition of PP and Cs that, despite the invectives it receives, continues to agree on crucial measures in the midst of the worst health and economic crisis on record.

The minimum vital income, the decree of the so-called new normality yesterday, the budding health pact that Ana Pastor weaves with Salvador Illa or the closed support that PP and Cs have expressed for the candidacy of Nadia Calviño for the presidency of the Eurogroup -lo that contrasts clamorously with Sánchez's sectarian refusal to support Miguel Arias Cañete or Luis de Guindos in their day - they come to deny outright the plot scrap spread from Moncloa according to which the opposition would be installed in the tension while the government's hand hurts of having it stretched out. In a consolidated democracy, the opposition controls the Government and points out the errors of its management, especially when they have been so serious that they have made Spain the country with the highest number of deaths per inhabitant, with the highest number of infected health workers, with confinement. more severe, with the deepest economic damage and with the worst prospects on the planet according to the IMF . In spite of everything, the opposition continues to agree for the good of the Spanish while Sánchez insists on despising it and demanding submission in the control sessions.

What else has to happen for this president to assume the harsh reality? Don't you see the storm that is coming upon us and the impossibility of weathering it with such precarious and undesirable partners? What your nonexistent virtue cannot, at least do the need. Sánchez must release a populist ballast, bury the perverse memory of the no is not that he installed between us and open himself to loyal pacts in Spain with the other two parties that govern Europe.

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