Famous voice acting artist Liu Guangning passed away this morning

  According to the Chinese dubbing network, Liu Guangning, a well-known voice acting artist and national first-class actor, died in Shanghai on the morning of June 25 at the age of 81. His son, Pan Zheng, said in the WeChat circle of friends that the funeral was simple because of the epidemic, and a memorial meeting will be arranged later.

  Liu Guangning was born in Hong Kong in 1939 and moved to Shanghai as a child. After graduating from high school in 1960, Liu Guangning's strong interest in art prompted her to write a self-recommended letter to Shanghai Film Translation Factory. After the exam, she relied on her unique voice, pure Mandarin, and certain performance skills He entered the Shanghai Film Translation Factory with his artistic literacy.

  There are about a thousand (sets) of Chinese and foreign films (dramas) in which Liu Guangning participates in dubbing. She has worked for "Yesenia", "Absolute Chorus", "Princess Song", "Life and Death", "Girl in White", "Caravan", "Wang Xiang", "Tess", "The Massacre on the Nile" , "Fox's Story" and many other translated films, and also dubbed "Tianyun Mountain Legend", "Sha Ou", "Rouge", "Night Shanghai" and other domestic films, TV dramas, and participated in radio drama performances.

  Liu Guangning's voice is beautiful and sweet, and the language is pure and fluent. He is good at expressing complex feelings through subtle changes in volume, tone, and language strength, especially in shaping characters such as gentle, kind, naive, and pure girls with beautiful shapes and beautiful hearts. Characters such as Louisa in the Mexican film "Yesenia", Monica in "Cold Heart" and Xiao Xue in the Japanese film "Zhushang" were vividly moved by her apt and expressive dubbing. Liu Guangning often uses his own voice to discover the beautiful qualities of the characters. Like the voice of Awahara in "Life and Death", a series of silver bell-like laughter expresses the character's youth. .

  In the Indian film "Caravan", "Little Pepper" Nisha, voiced by Liu Guangning, is also a kind girl, but she has a very straightforward, enthusiastic, simple, and spicy character. Her typical gypsy "wildness" Especially memorable. Some critics commented that Liu Guangning's most popular voice in the industry was Jackie in "The Massacre on the Nile", especially the premeditated nonsense that she pretended to be pretending to be. In addition, Natasha Kinsky's films are all endorsed by Liu Guangning, such as "Tess", "Texas Paris" and "Spring Symphony".

  Liu Guangning has won the Best Female Voice Actor Award of the 5th "Popular TV" Golden Eagle Awards. His films (plays) and recorded radio and television literary works participated in the Excellent Film Award of the Ministry of Culture, Chinese TV Drama Flying Award and Bai Yulan. prize.