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Katy Perry will soon give birth and before becoming a mother for the first time, she wanted to embark on a new adventure with her fiancé Orlando Bloom: a camping trip in the great outdoors. As she explained on the radio show Karen Carson in the Morning, on WNEW 102.7, she had the idea after "camping" in her garden with her 6-year-old niece and Flynn, Orlando's son Bloom (born of his marriage to Miranda Kerr).

“We camped in the garden with tents, we even had a campfire to grill marshmallows. We got into family Uno and Lego. My niece and Flynn, Orlando's son, are crazy about Uno, ”she told the hosts.

Not his best idea

But between camping in the garden and camping in nature, there is a huge difference. “When you camp in your garden, you can go to your house, to your bathroom. But when you camp in the wild, it's wild. It was funny. It's a lot but it's cool to do everything, ”said the interpreter from Firework , who doesn't seem too used to taking care of herself.

Not sure if the star will repeat the experience anytime soon. "I kept wondering" But why did I get this idea? " ", She confessed.


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