PNL tweet screenshot - Capture.

This is called knowing how to maintain the mystery. On their respective social networks, the accounts of the rap group PNL and the streaming platform Netflix each broadcast their respective logos, without further information. Is it teasing for an upcoming documentary?

- PNLMusic (@PNLMusic) June 24, 2020

- Netflix France (@NetflixFR) June 24, 2020

In March the duo had published (inadvertently?) An extract of the song "Ladif" on Youtube and Spotify, broadcast by an account suspended since. In the information accompanying the video, the two Tarterêts brothers had left a clue about a probable date for this title: "Released on: 2020-03-20", that is to say a release on March 20, 2020. We knows what has happened since: the confinement was declared on March 16.

PNL must perform in concert in February in many cities in France. 

Hello mif, we were impatient to meet you to share this adventure together, but we will all have to wait a little longer! Your places remain valid for the concerts in February. Until then, stay at home and take care of your loved ones! 😷 🙏👥

- PNLMusic (@PNLMusic) April 14, 2020


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