Dehghan added in his statements to "Meet Today" (25/6/202020) that the assassination of a high-ranking Iranian official, General Qassem Soleimani, was a clear attack and a clear violation of all international laws and a flagrant violation of all international legislation.

He pointed out that Trump is seeking from negotiations to achieve the surrender of Iran without condition, and to present the matter as a great victory for him.

Dehghan suggested to Trump that he be more rational and withdraw than he does inside the US, considering that his fate will not be far from the fate of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in Germany or the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

He stressed that any American military move that threatens Iranian security will be met by a broad, thoughtful response and in harmony with Iranian goals, noting that the military action will be matched by a counterpart in terms of form and content, style and strength as well.

The American trap
and Dahaban went on to say that America does not want to adopt the policy of rolling ball to complete war through a series of successive events. War has no ability for America to manage and end it at the time it desires it.

He said that America wants to drag his country to an arena where they make unexpected moves to take this as an excuse for military intervention, saying that the Iranians are more intelligent than falling into the American trap.

As for the nuclear agreement, Dehghan said that Iran has interests from this agreement, but America seeks to prevent Iran from achieving its interests and goals, and seeks to ensure Tehran's commitment to the agreement without achieving any gains.

But when Trump withdrew from the agreement, Tehran sought to secure European interests to secure Iranian interests from the agreement, and yet Europe was playing the American arena more clearly instead of taking rational solutions, so Iran had to change its policy.