China News Service, Guangzhou, June 24 (Suo Youwei, Liu Ya, Pan Xiaotong) The Guangdong Provincial People's Procuratorate reported on June 24 that in 2019, Guangdong Prosecutions approved a total of 10097 12614 people for drug crimes and 10513 13171 for drug crimes. people.

  The head of the relevant department of the Guangdong Procuratorate said that with the continuous increase in the fight against drug crimes, drug crimes have shown new criminal characteristics in recent years: the accelerated evolution of new drugs, the continuous refurbishment of criminal methods, and the increase in the involvement of foreign-related personnel in drug cases.

  The person in charge said that in drug crimes, criminals mostly use modern communication tools for contact transactions. When using communication tools, some of the key members of drug crimes have more than two mobile phones, and use multiple, multiple card numbers such as mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, etc., which are replaced and used alternately, and some are used for special numbers. The card numbers linked to the upper line have card numbers specifically linked to the lower line, and they are often nicknamed to each other. Use concealed words on the content of the call, and use more "cryptic words" The exact number and clear address are never involved in the call, and the action is extremely mysterious.

  "The involvement of foreign personnel in drug crimes is on the rise." The person in charge said that these people are mainly engaged in transnational smuggling and trafficking in drugs. Judging from the current drug crime cases seized, most of the foreign-related criminals arrested are Ma Zi who are on the front line. The bosses behind the country are often difficult to capture and return to the court for various reasons. Among them, there are a lot of heavy cases involving a particularly large number of drugs involved. The above will affect the determination of the facts of the case and the application of the law.

  "Female drug crimes deserve attention." The person in charge said that women smuggling, trafficking, and transporting drugs have strong confusion, dependence, and concealment. Generally, they are shown as the girlfriends of drug dealers, providing personal accounts and mobile phone cards for drug dealers. Going to a transaction place with a drug dealer, and after being captured, they often argue that they are unaware, and are often difficult to be held accountable because of evidence, which affects the effectiveness of the crackdown.

  The prosecution student Tan Moumou's drug trafficking case showed that at 20 o'clock on May 26, 2018, drug purchaser Zhao Mou contacted Liang Moumou with WeChat to buy drug cannabis, Liang Moumou discussed with the defendant Tan Moumou Later, it was decided that Tan Moumou produced two marijuana and Liang Moumou produced a marijuana and sold them together to Zhao. At about 21:00 on May 27th, in the dormitory of XX University, Tan XX handed a transparent bottle containing marijuana to Liang XX, and Liang XX added about 1 gram of marijuana into the bottle. At 22:00 on the same day, Liang Moumou handed over the bottle containing marijuana to Zhao Mou, who then transferred RMB 300 to Liang Moumou through WeChat, and Liang Mouwei then transferred 200 Yuan to the defendant. Tan Moumou.

  On May 28, the police arrested the defendants Tan Moumou and Liang Moumou at a certain university, and seized two small bottles of yellow-brown plants on the desktop of the defendant Tan Moumou’s dormitory bed, with a net weight of 0.30 grams and 0.32 grams, respectively. The components of cannabidiol, cannabidiol and tetrahydro cannabis were detected. The People's Procuratorate of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City accepted the case. After a comprehensive review of the case, and after returning to the supplementary investigation, the case was prosecuted to the People's Court of Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City for drug trafficking in October of the same year. On November 30, 2018, Tan was sentenced to one year and two months in prison by the People's Court of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, and suspended for one year and six months. The probation period is currently over.

  "The Guangdong Provincial People's Procuratorate requires the procuratorial organs of the whole province to strictly abide by the quality lifeline of cases when dealing with drug cases, and be practical and do not indulge. For cases where there is insufficient evidence and there are serious problems in the collection of evidence, no arrest or prosecution shall be done according to law. It is necessary to fight hard and accurate." The person in charge said. (Finish)