A total of 9.2 billion yen was billed to the presidents of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. on June 23, 18:50


Kansai Electric Power has filed a lawsuit against individual nuclear shareholders of civil groups who oppose the nuclear power plant when they sued five former management teams over the problem of receiving hardware and demanded damages of more than 1.9 billion yen. We have filed a new shareholder representative lawsuit seeking a total of approximately 9.2 billion yen for 22 people, including the current president, arguing that the claim amount is small.

Kansai Electric Power sued that the company suffered damage due to the problem of receipt of gold products by executives on the 16th of this month, appealing to former management members such as Makoto Yagi and former president Shigeki Iwane for compensation of 1,936 million yen Is being raised in the Osaka District Court.

Regarding this, individual shareholders of a citizen group opposed to the nuclear power plant said that the company filed a lawsuit, including 22 people including Takashi Morimoto, the president, and corporate auditors, alleging that the target person and the amount of the claim to be pursued are small. On the other hand, we have newly filed a shareholder representative lawsuit requiring the company to pay a total of approximately 9.2 billion yen.

It means that individual shareholders will apply to the court to participate in the lawsuit filed by the company, and will also be required to hear the complaint at the same time.

Civic group lawyer Hiroyuki Kawai said, "By participating in the trial, we will prevent Kansai Electric Power from reconciling unsolicited litigation and companionship, and reveal that the nuclear power plant must disseminate dirty money to local people and related parties. I want to do it."

Regarding the shareholder representative lawsuit, Kansai Electric Power Co. commented, “We will promptly confirm the content of the document from the shareholder and consider the response”.