Zhongxin.com, June 19, according to the website of the Liaoning Health and Welfare Committee, from June 0 to 04:00, a new case of newly diagnosed coronary pneumonia (imported from outside the region) in Liaoning Province (the confirmed case in Beijing Liu Moumou) Close contacts), reported cases in Shenyang City, are light cases. No new cases were cured.

  A total of 22 confirmed cases imported from abroad were reported in Liaoning Province, 21 cases were cured and discharged, and 1 case was treated in hospital.

  A total of 131 locally confirmed cases were reported in Liaoning Province, 126 were cured and discharged, 2 died, and 3 were treated in hospital.

  A total of 71 cases of asymptomatic infections were reported in Liaoning Province, 44 cases were released from isolation, and 27 cases were confirmed (25 cases were cured and discharged, and 2 cases were being treated in designated hospitals.)

  As of 24:00 on June 18, Liaoning Province has reported a total of 153 confirmed cases, 147 were cured and discharged, 2 died, and 4 were treated in hospital. A total of 4296 close contacts of confirmed cases (including close contacts of imported cases) have been traced, 4022 medical observations have been released, and 274 are still undergoing medical observations.

  The case Song Moumou, male, 22 years old, staff member of China Meat Food Comprehensive Research Center, and two out-of-domain imported cases diagnosed on June 13 in Liaoning Province were colleague relations. All three took the G395 high-speed train on June 11 Come on a business trip. According to the relevant regulations for epidemic prevention and control, as a close contact person of Liu Moumou, a confirmed case in Beijing, he was isolated for medical observation on June 12, and the sputum and pharyngeal swabs of the case were collected for nucleic acid detection on June 12 and 13. All are negative. During the quarantine, local medical personnel conducted medical observations on them, and the disease control department strictly tested them for new coronavirus nucleic acids. The nucleic acid test was carried out for the third time on June 18, and the result was positive, that is, 120 emergency vehicles were transported to Shenyang Center, the provincial centralized treatment center. Combined with the clinical symptoms, the diagnosis of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the consultation of the provincial expert group. The current condition is stable. During the centralized isolation medical observation period, closed-loop management is implemented throughout.