China Weather News predicts that today (18th), Beijing's temperature will rise slightly, the highest temperature is around 33 ℃. During the day, there may be thunderstorms in the western and northern mountains, reminding citizens who travel to the mountains to pay attention to rain. In the next few days, Beijing may reproduce the high temperature weather, and citizens should pay attention to heatstroke and sun protection when going out.

  Yesterday, there were more clouds in the sky in Beijing, and the maximum temperature during the day appeared at 14:36, which was 31.3°C, a significant drop from the previous day, but the body sensation was still hot.

  Today, the temperature in Beijing is expected to rise slightly. According to the latest forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 am this morning, it turns cloudy during the day (thunderstorms in the mountainous areas in the north of the west), north to south winds 2, 3 and 4 with a maximum temperature of 33°C; cloudy at night and cloudy to the south Wind level 1, 2 and minimum temperature 22℃.

  It is estimated that from the 19th to the 22nd, most areas of Beijing will once again welcome the high-temperature "baking" test, with the highest temperature between 34-36°C and the lowest temperature at night between 22-26°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that the heat wave in Beijing will be rolling in the next few days. In addition, if air conditioning is used, set the temperature to about 26°C as much as possible to avoid colds and other diseases caused by greed.