China-Singapore Network Bazhong, June 17 (Miao Zhiyong) learned from the Bazhong Emergency Management Bureau of Sichuan on June 17 that at about 10 am on the same day, the newly completed "wash beach bridge" operation in Qiantan, Pingchang County The platform steel bridge was washed down by the fierce flood, and the bridge body was swallowed by the flood in less than 30 seconds. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The disaster situation is being further calculated.

The bridge under construction was washed away by the flood. Photo by Miao Zhiyong

  Since the early hours of the 16th, continuous heavy rainfall hit Bazhong, flash floods have erupted, and the river has risen sharply, leading to the loosening of the land along the river. Many trees were uprooted by the flood and washed into the river. A large number of floating objects were stuck in the bridge steel The middle of the structure cannot flow away, the middle of the bridge is deformed, and the steel cable breaks, causing the bridge to collapse.

The original appearance of the steel bridge before being destroyed by the flood. Photo by Miao Zhiyong

  "Hong Feng came too fast, and the water level rose more than 6 meters in just one hour. During the period, the staff tried to use rescue boats to rescue, but the flood was too fierce, and the rescue work was only temporarily suspended." According to the person in charge of the construction site of "Xitan Bridge" According to the introduction, on the evening of the 16th, the local meteorological department issued a yellow rainstorm warning, and all the staff of the bridge were on site to prepare for flood relief at any time, and there was no flood until 5 am on the 17th. "We will ask experts to conduct a second demonstration assessment of the main structure of the bridge as soon as the water level drops to ensure construction safety, to ensure that the construction of the bridge is resumed as soon as possible without any hidden safety hazards."

  After the incident, the Pingchang Emergency Management Bureau responded to the situation that it said: Due to the continuous rainstorm in the day, the flood surged, and the floating objects accumulated in the steel frame of the upstream platform of the Xitan Bridge in Pengchang County, which could not flow away. , Causing greater resistance, the operating platform collapsed at 10 am on June 17, 2020. There are currently no reports of casualties, and the disaster situation is being further calculated.

The local official responded to the damage to the bridge under construction. Photo by Miao Zhiyong

  It is reported that the Pingchang County Xitan Bridge project officially started construction on July 2, 2019, and is an important ferry to highway bridge project in Pingchang County. The total length of the route is 0.8 kilometers. The main line is in accordance with the design standards of the three-level highway, and the width of the subgrade is 8.5 meters. Steel bridge. The project has a construction area of ​​6,932 square meters and a planned total investment of 140.68 million yuan. (Finish)