Beijing News (Reporter Wu Tingting) This morning (June 17), the reporter learned at the check-in counters of many airlines in the Capital Airport that most routes have implemented the latest exit policy, that is, passengers must hold within 7 days Only a negative nucleic acid test report can be boarded.

  At the same time, the reporter also noticed that if the destination can receive passengers who have no nucleic acid test report, these passengers can check in by scanning the health code and itinerary code. However, many airline ground service personnel said that the policy is highly variable, and it is recommended that passengers should not leave Beijing if necessary, and that they should carry a negative nucleic acid test report.

  Last night, Beijing held the 121st conference of the New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control. Chen Bei, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Government, announced at the meeting that the response level for public health emergencies in Beijing would be raised from three levels to two levels on June 16. After the adjustment, the relevant personnel in the middle and high-risk streets and new development markets are prohibited from leaving Beijing. Others insist on "unnecessary not leaving Beijing". Those who do need to leave Beijing must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days.

HNA passengers need to wait for notification if there is no nucleic acid test report

  At about 10:30 today, the reporter saw in the Hainan Airlines check-in area of ​​Terminal 2 of the Capital Airport that the staff was assisting passengers to go through the procedures for registration of health codes and itinerary codes. At this time, the check-in was from Beijing to Guangzhou , Shenzhen flights.

  Many passengers said that when they arrived at the airport in the morning, the airline informed passengers that they could not check in without a nucleic acid test report, but around 10:30, the airline informed passengers flying to the two cities above that they could check in.

  In this regard, the staff explained: "We have just received notices from Guangzhou and Shenzhen that passengers without nucleic acid reports can be checked in. From the situation this morning, if passengers do not have nucleic acid test reports, we also need to contact the destination The airport confirms whether it can handle check-in and boarding procedures."

  Before 11:00 this morning, Hainan Airlines checked in for flights to Haikou and Guiyang. If passengers do not have a nucleic acid test report, they can scan the health code and itinerary code.

  At 12 o'clock in the morning, Hainan Airlines ground staff reminded passengers that all passengers need to hold a test report, and passengers who do not have a test report need to wait for further notice.

Some passengers who do not have a negative nucleic acid test report have already processed refunds

  A ground service staff of China Southern Airlines said that you need to hold a negative nucleic acid test report to check in. It also suggested: "If you have no special needs, you should not leave Beijing, or even if you can fly over, now many cities have isolation measures for Beijing passengers, and it is very inconvenient for you to go to the local area."

  According to a ground service staff member of China Eastern Airlines, some passengers from Beijing flew to Kunming this morning because they did not have a nucleic acid test report and had already processed refunds. "It is recommended that passengers contact the airline before travelling to confirm flight information and travel requirements to avoid delays."

  The reporter learned from China Eastern Airlines that China Eastern Airlines has strictly implemented the inspection work of nucleic acid detection reports in accordance with the prevention and control requirements from today.

  This morning, China Eastern set up an information desk in the check-in area. The large screen displays the latest information on leaving Beijing, that is, passengers must hold a negative nucleic acid test report within 7 days before boarding. At the same time, Beijing’s existing high-risk, Name of medium risk street.

 The number of flights at Capital Airport today decreased slightly compared to yesterday

  The reporter learned from the Capital Airport that Capital Airport plans to take off and land 500 flights today (June 17), with an estimated 32,000 passengers entering and leaving Hong Kong. So far, 125 sorties have been executed and 6 sorties have been cancelled.

  This data has a slight decrease compared with yesterday, and a substantial decrease from last Wednesday. On June 16, data from Capital Airport showed that 572 sorties were scheduled to take off and land on that day, and 40,400 passengers were expected to enter and leave Hong Kong. In addition, last Wednesday (June 10), Capital Airport data showed that Capital Airport planned to take off and land 901 flights on that day, with an estimated 82,700 passengers entering and leaving the port.