Patrick Poivey (center), on the set of the TV movie "The shy adventures of a window cleaner" for TF1 in 1983. - JAMES / TF1 / SIPA

Her voice was recognized among all others. His stamp had accompanied the ascent of the career of actor Bruce Willis, and our emotions of French moviegoers. Patrick Poivey, the voice actor of the actor of Crystal trap, died on Tuesday. It was the radio station Laughs & Songs, whose voice-overs he signed, that announced it on Twitter on Tuesday. He was 72 years old.

The whole @rirechansons team is sad this evening ... our voice on the air but our friend above all Patrick Poivey has just left us😢😢 immense artist, talented voice actor (in other words the French voice of Bruce Willis) ... a guy well😢😢

- Laugh & Songs (@rirechansons) June 16, 2020

Besides Bruce Willis, Patrick Oivey had also been the first voice of Tom Cruise and Mickey Rourke in their acting debuts. He also lent his laughing timbre to the voices of Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) , Don Johnson, Gary Cole and even Peter Stormare.


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