China News Service Client, Beijing, June 17th (Reporter Shangguan Yun) Live selling books, live concerts, live selling scripts... In the Internet era, live broadcasting has become one of the most fashionable methods of communication, relatively small "Legacy" was also added.

  In the cultural and natural heritage day just past, the live broadcast mode was opened in the field of non-legacy. A special live broadcast with the participation of Li Jiaqi, a "lip lipstick brother", was very popular, and many products were put on the market in "second light". The unpopularity of "cold door" is entering people's lives more deeply.

On the 13th, Li Jiaqi participated in a special live broadcast of "Bringing Non-Legacy Home". Image source: Li Jiaqi live room video screenshot

Li Jiaqi brought a variety of non-legacy products "second light"

  On the night of this year's "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day", a live broadcast of the special "Bringing the Non-Legacy Home" special event was on fire.

  The live broadcast was co-hosted by CCTV anchor Nigemati, Wang Ning and Taobao anchor Li Jiaqi. More than 20 domestic non-legacy snacks and local specialties were recommended online. Cultural heritage.

  Throughout the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi and Nigemati tried to taste the food while describing the taste and taste of the food in detail, which caused many netizens to move their index fingers, and many products were quickly "grabbed" as soon as they were on the shelves.

  According to data provided by China Technology Network, as of the evening of the 13th, this live broadcast attracted more than 10 million netizens to watch online on all platforms, and sold a total of non-legacy products with a total value of more than 12.61 million yuan.

  Among them, the Hubei African Heritage Project "Yangtze River Traditional Pastry Making Skills", a well-known product, Yangtze River Mung Bean Sorbet 40,000 copies. At the request of netizens, the state-level intangible cultural heritage project Xuzhou sachet plus 1,000 copies.

Non-legacy can also become "net celebrities"

  The above special live broadcast made these non-legacy products become "net celebrities". During this year's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, similar live broadcasts in the "Non Heritage Shopping Festival" are not uncommon.

Data Map: Jinan City 2020 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day Non-Legacy Shopping Festival and Live Carrying Event will be held at Daming Lake Chaoran Building Plaza on June 13. Zhao Xiaoshe

  For example, Shandong Creative launched a non-legacy shopping festival, cultural and creative and non-legacy products live-broadcasting activities. According to media statistics, Shandong has more than 400 non-genetic inheritors, 738 stores, and tens of thousands of unique non-heritage products gathered on various e-commerce platforms to participate in non-heritage shopping festival activities.

  The Wuhan Cultural and Tourism Department focuses on online display and launches seven series of 36 non-legacy activities. More than 1.4 million netizens “see, smell, taste and touch” the vitality of Wuhan non-legacy brands through the Internet.

  In the non-legacy live broadcast held here, Cai Linji's hot dry noodle making technology inheritor Wang Yongzhong demonstrated on the spot, using the new "fresh food" hot dry noodles to boil a bowl of "the same authentic taste as the masters do now."

  Fujian Province launched the 2020 "Culture and Natural Heritage Day" non-legacy propaganda and display series of activities. At the "Negligible Shopping Festival", many inheritors of Fujian medicine, Fujian tea and Fujian food turned into spokespersons on the live broadcast. , Recommend your own time-honored brand.

On the "cloud" of non-legacy music

  In fact, live broadcasts, short videos and other forms not only can bring goods, but also provide a display platform for some non-legacy Quyi.

  On the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, a live show of "Da Sheng said Peking Opera, non-legacy" was staged at the Shanghai Peking Opera House. Yan Qinggu, the representative inheritor of the Shanghai non-legacy Peking Opera project, turned into a live broadcast host, taking everyone to experience the subtleties of Wukong drama.

  Lin Ying, the inheritor of the "non-legacy" Min opera, also tried to promote traditional culture with short videos and live broadcasts. In the live broadcast, she will plan the theme of each live broadcast, and also invite some Fujian opera "big coffee" and young actors to enter the live room, or other drama "big coffee" even Mai, etc., to increase the popularity of the live room.

How does non-legacy connect life?

  Into the live broadcast room, online talk... Whether it is the above-mentioned Li Jiaqi live broadcast goods, or the online shopping festival, it is explaining a problem: the spread of non-legacy is becoming more and more diverse.

  Some people say that after watching the live broadcast, they not only know all kinds of exquisite embroidery, carving skills, and bamboo weaving techniques, but also know that the usual favorite mung bean sorbet, hot dry noodles and other foods are also related to Fei Yi: it is right around us.

Data Map: On June 13, 2020, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Wujiagang District of Yichang City held a series of activities on the theme of "non-genetic inheritance·healthy life" to promote and inherit traditional culture. The picture shows the non-heritage project of brown knitting technology photo by Wang Kangrong

  Talking about the above-mentioned live broadcast of non-legacy specials that Li Jiaqi participated in, the director of the content center of China Technology Network Hao Qinyu said that live streaming is a form of communication that people are willing to accept at present. Economic benefits.

  "For example, the "Batuchagan Mongolian Milk Peel" product, which was regarded as the "dark horse" in the live broadcast, sold a total of 5,658 copies that night, with a sales volume of more than 200,000." She said that it was used properly, through "non-legacy + live broadcast + The "e-commerce + poverty alleviation" model can also directly drive the sale of non-legacy products in poor areas. 

  "But it should be noted that non-legacy products have certain specialities, especially craft products, which have a long production cycle and limited scale, and many products are also the first time to touch the net." Hao Qinyu believes that grasping the cultural attributes of non-legacy products is the most important If you can skillfully integrate the characteristics of the current network communication and sales, and connect with life, the unpopular "non-legacy" of the past will become more and more popular. (Finish)