[Commentary] On June 15th, in Mingchuan Township, Feixi County, Hefei City, Anhui Province, Tang Xianpin and his wife Li Lizhi were taking care of the beehives. Since 1979, this pair of old and affectionate couples have been in "handling" with hard-working "pollination experts" and bees for more than 40 years. Speaking of why they were engaged in the beekeeping industry, the old man's love for bees is overwhelming.

  [Same period] Anhui Province Feixi County Mingchuan Villager Tang Pipin

  Humans cannot live without bees, bees pollinate, you can grow crops, bees do not pollinate crops, bee products are eaten, it is green food, royal jelly, honey, propolis, beeswax, bee pollen, are good for people, humans cannot live without bees You can't do this without a bee collecting powder.

  [Explanation] Speaking of how to mobilize the enthusiasm of bees, increase the honey production of bees, and distinguish the types of pollen and honey... Tang Xianpin the elderly is like a family treasure. But he has another worry. Beekeeping requires field work, which is basically manual. There are more than a dozen procedures for collecting honey. Beekeepers are more diligent than bees. Now young people are reluctant to do it.

  [Same period] Anhui Province Feixi County Mingchuan Villager Tang Pipin

  why? Beekeeping is now aging, young people have no beekeepers, the young people have gone to work, he does not keep bees, he does not make bees for the first few years, he said that in the first few years you say that making money is impossible, He wants to make beeware. You haven’t got the technology yet. When you learn the technology, when did you learn the technology? He’s got the beeware. You have to invest money in it, but you don’t have any income. Young people go out to work, he has a monthly salary, but now young people do less.

  【Explanation】Compared with the "mobile" national catch-up flowering season, Tang Xianpin and his wife's beekeeping honey collection is a "squatting point", which has also allowed them to see the development and changes of China's new rural areas for more than 40 years.

  [Same period] Anhui Province Feixi County Mingchuan Villager Tang Pipin

  How has life changed? Anyway, life is getting better and better. It turned out that life was worse when I was in my thirties. (Later) all four children were studying. At that time, they were still in the production team. You can’t keep up with the economic conditions if you don’t keep bees. The economics of beekeeping are higher than in rural areas.

  [Commentary] According to Tang Xianpin, a beehive used to produce only 20 grams of honey in three days. With the development of green ecological agriculture, tens of thousands of acres of flowers and trees have been planted in Mingchuan Township. Bees can collect more types and numbers of flowers. The beehive can produce 200 grams of honey in three days. At present, Tang Xianpin has more than 150 beehives, which can bring him tens of thousands of yuan in income every year. The family's life is also sweet and sweet.

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