Chiba Prefecture Revises Abuse Prevention Plan Reinspection Due to Infant Death, June 15 16:21

The prefecture revised its basic plan, which included measures such as strengthening cooperation with municipalities, based on the lesson of the death of a fourth-grade elementary school girl in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture. The mother is arrested for leaving a debilitated 10-month-old girl in Ichihara City, and she is considering further measures.

Chiba Prefecture revised its basic plan to protect children from abuse, based on the lesson of a case in which a fourth-grade elementary school girl died after being abused in Noda City in January last year, and announced it on the 15th.

This includes not only the expansion of child consultation centers and the increase of staff, but also the necessary support for child-rearing families to prevent abuse and strengthening cooperation with municipalities and sharing information on a daily basis. It was included to proceed.

However, it was highlighted that there were problems in grasping the situation at home and sharing information between the prefecture and the city in the case where the mother was arrested this month as she left a debilitated 10-month-old girl in Ichihara City. became.

In response to this, the Chiba Children's Family Division seriously accepted at the press conference on the 15th that they could not save the life of the girl, and said, "In the future, we will cooperate with the planned verification of Ichihara City, I also want to check what needs to be reviewed."