Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of China: A secondary explosion occurred on the roadside plant of the explosion tank tank in Wenling, Zhejiang

  China News Agency, Beijing, June 13 (Reporter Zhang Ziyang) The reporter learned from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security on the 13th that at 16:40 on the 13th, a traction vehicle with a license plate number of Zhejiang CM9535 and a trailer number of Zhejiang CM138 was liquefied gas. The tanker truck drove to the G15 Shenhai Expressway towards Wenzhou, and the middle of the on-ramp ramp at the Wenling West exit was exploded. The exploded tanker truck smashed a factory building on the side of the road and a secondary explosion occurred.

  It is known that as of 22:00, the accident has caused 10 deaths and 117 injuries, including 40 serious injuries. After receiving the report, the Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to it and requested the local public security organs to cooperate with it in emergency response and treatment of the wounded, and sent a working team to the scene to guide the investigation and disposal of the accident. (Finish)