China News Service, June 12th, 10th afternoon, Xueye Lake 1895 Music Festival held a press conference in Beijing. This year's concert will be held in Xueye Lake Scenic Area in Laiwu District, Jinan, Shandong Province in late August. On the same day, singer Ren Yanzhong attended the show and expressed his expectations for the upcoming music festival.

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  The co-sponsoring of this music festival, Guangjia Huayang Cultural Technology Co., Ltd., with its many years of successful experience in on-site performing arts, cultural tourism curatorial and other projects, launched well-known cultural IP including the 1895 music festival. As the first national brand music festival to enter the Jinan market, following the successful holding in Wuhu, Anhui last year, the 1895 music festival was located in Xueye Lake, Laiwu District, Jinan, Shandong.

  It is reported that Xueye Lake 1895 Music Festival will aim to create liquid consumption scenarios and promote youth offline social networking, open up a gourmet area with a core of youth culture, a creative literary market and cover outdoor camping, electronic music, outdoor movies Content nightlife area.

  It is worth mentioning that there is a special parent-child interactive experience area in the music festival, to cultivate children's interest in music in the competition in the game, so that the performance scene becomes a new element of family life.

  At the press conference, the organizer revealed that Yan Renzhong, a singer who performed brilliantly in the variety show "I Am Singer 2", will participate in the festival. Yan Renzhong himself also expressed great expectations.