Marcel Maréchal, here in 2015 - DELALANDE / SIPA

The actor and director Marcel Maréchal, former director of the Rond-Point Theater in Paris and founder of La Criée, Théâtre national de Marseille, died at the age of 83. "My father died last night at his home in Paris from pulmonary fibrosis," said his son Mathias, also an actor.

Director, actor and writer, Marcel Maréchal was born in 1937. Founder of the Cothurne theater in Lyon, he had started many artists including Pierre and Catherine Arditi, Maurice Bénichou and Bernard Ballet.

Founder of La Criée 

After Lyon, where he had directed the Théâtre du Huitième, he went to Marseille where he was appointed head of the Théâtre du Gymnase. In 1981, with François Bourgeat, he founded La Criée, Théâtre national de Marseille. Fourteen years later, still with François Bourgeat, he became the director of the Théâtre du Rond-Point, until 2001 before taking charge of the Tréteaux de France (until 2011).

Author, Marcel Maréchal has notably written Une anémone pour Guignol  (1975), Conversation avec Marcel Maréchal  (1983), Rhum-Limonade (1995) and Saltimbanque  (2004). He had also made adaptations of great classics like Les Trois Mousquetaires  by Alexandre Dumas or Capitaine Fracasse  by Théophile Gautier.


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