alert! Epidemic risk may exist anytime, anywhere

  Yesterday, Beijing added a new local confirmed case of new pneumonia, which is the last thing we want to see, and it also sounded the alarm for us again: the risk of outbreaks may exist anytime, anywhere, and normalized prevention and control can not be relaxed.

  Yi Ping Jin Qian Qian back. The new coronavirus is highly contagious, spreads extremely quickly, has a concealed incidence, and is particularly cunning. At present, the global epidemic situation is still deteriorating, and the vast majority of domestic personnel are still generally susceptible to the new coronavirus. We are facing the risk that the epidemic situation may again spread. The cunning nature of the virus determines the normalization and long-term complexity of the war epidemic. For Beijing, epidemic prevention and control is still the first priority. We must use this case as a warning, reflect on the gaps, look for gaps, cut off the channels of transmission as soon as possible, and firmly avoid the recurrence of similar problems. Right now, in response to this confirmed case, the Municipal Center for Disease Control has rushed to the scene to carry out epidemiological investigations and strengthened the prevention and control work in the relevant areas. Go all out and concentrate on tracing and mobilizing to ensure that no one is missed, seize key populations and key time periods, and use big data to accurately target high-risk populations, which is essential for controlling the spread of the epidemic and consolidating the results of prevention and control. The confidence of the general public in prevention and control is crucial.

  As long as there is no final victory in epidemic prevention and control in one day, it is necessary to maintain the state of combat and prepare for combat at all times and resolutely eliminate the possibility of an epidemic rebound. Adjusting the emergency response level to level 3 does not mean that the "alarm is cleared" and everything is fine. Beijing still faces the risk of importing cases from overseas and outside Beijing and local cases. In particular, as economic and social order is fully restored, work resumes, production resumes, and business resumes steadily. The pressure of "foreign defense import, internal defense rebound" is huge. This requires that we always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, overcome paralyzing thoughts, war exhaustion, fluke mentality, and ease of mind, strictly implement scientific, precise and effective prevention and control requirements, and be prudent and strict.

  The prevention and control of the epidemic in the capital has important symbolic significance to the whole country. To continue to do a good job in the normalization of prevention and control, we must strictly implement the "quartet's responsibility", adhere to "prevent loosening, prevent loopholes, and prevent rebound", and adhere to "early detection, early reporting, early isolation" "Early treatment", adhere to the "nine strict" and consolidate hard-won prevention and control achievements. Strictly import prevention and control from abroad, continue to pay attention to the groups coming to Beijing in medium and high-risk areas, continue to do a good job in community prevention and control, strictly implement environmental sanitation, strictly implement campus epidemic prevention measures, and strengthen the prevention and control of epidemics and ensure "restrictive conditions" as a premise Good economic and social development work. For the general public, it is necessary to maintain personal protection awareness at all times, adhere to good hygiene habits, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and maintain a safe social distance. We must insist on paying attention to the health of ourselves and our family members, such as fever, cough and other symptoms, and timely diagnosis and treatment.

  The epidemic has not passed, and the enemies threatening us are complacent in addition to viruses. We can win a comprehensive victory at an early date by building confidence in winning, striving to quit fatigue, insisting on self-pressurization, and implementing every prevention and control measure.