China News Network, Guangzhou, June 11 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The Guangzhou police reported on the 11th that the city's police have recently carried out operations in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Qinghai and other provinces, arresting a total of 43 crimes of extortion and extortion by "naked chat". The suspect killed six criminal gangs and cracked down more than 100 related cases, involving a total of nearly 10 million yuan.

The Guangzhou police arrested the suspect. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Police

  Since the second half of 2019, the Guangzhou Police Network Police Department has discovered that Guangzhou City has extorted criminal acts of extortion in the form of "naked chat". Individual victims were extorted huge amounts of money, and property losses exceeded 500,000 yuan, but because of their own illegal acts (illegal naked chat, etc.) and shame, they chose not to deal with the police.

  On the evening of March 14 this year, the victim of the Yuexiu District of Guangzhou, Hu, used a mobile phone at home to add a woman as a friend in QQ dating software. The "beauty" said that she was typing too slowly, suggesting to lure the victim to "naked chat" through video chat, during which a URL link with a Trojan virus program was issued to the victim (the purpose is to steal the relevant personal data of the victim, such as the address book Wait). Afterwards, "beauty" came to a "big face", from the ambiguous and gentle attitude at the beginning to a vicious and greedy face, to the main money, otherwise the previously recorded "naked chat" video of the victim will be made public and sent to the Internet to communicate with the victim Record all friends. The victim was very scared and was forced to transfer a total of 17,900 yuan to the other party.

  During the investigation, the police found that the methods of extortion and extortion in the form of "naked chat" were almost the same: the suspects used WeChat, QQ and other common social network software to continuously send some provocative sedition words using the beauty avatar account, such as "Little brother is doing Well, "make a friend", "naked chat", etc., looking for a person who believes that "encounter" has fallen in the sky. The suspect sent an APP link on the pretext of WeChat and QQ network video too card to lure the victim to play "naked chat" in the APP live room. This kind of APP is not normal software, and will require the victim to agree to access the mobile phone address book. In fact, the "beauty" that many victims have always believed is actually a man. If the victim feels that something can be done after the money is transferred, they will fall into the routine again and the other party will continue to blackmail.

  Guangzhou police revealed that most of the behind-the-scenes gangs of such "naked chat" extortion gangs are abroad, and after the extortion, funds were quickly transferred to overseas accounts. This kind of gang usually flows between different countries and different cities outside the country, and the secret spots are not fixed. (Finish)