From the room of a high school student who is suspected to have committed suicide with a gun or dozens of shots June 11 11:48

Interviews with investigators revealed that dozens of other bullets were found in the room of a 15-year-old high school student who had died from a gun-like shot in a house in Hachioji, Tokyo. It was The Metropolitan Police Department analyzes the communication history of mobile phones and checks the acquisition route.

On the 8th of this month, a 15-year-old high school boy living in this house died in a house in Hachioji, Tokyo, shooting something like a pistol.

What was thought to be an American-made rotary pistol that could be loaded with 5 bullets was dropped in the room, and 4 shots were left inside, and the Metropolitan Police Department is proceeding with the appraisal as if it had attempted suicide.

Subsequent investigations revealed through interviews with investigators that there were dozens of other bullets found in the boys' room.

According to an interview with the Metropolitan Police Department, the family explained that "I did not know that I had a pistol".

According to the high school, boys seemed to be absent from school when they were junior high school students, and they entered the correspondence class of a private high school from April, but complained of poor physical condition at the end of last month and only attended school for one day this month. It means that

The Metropolitan Police Department investigates the detailed circumstances leading up to the death, analyzes the communication history of the mobile phone, and is proceeding with confirmation of how they obtained things such as pistols and bullets.