The Eighth Bulletin "Akhartomkom" (10/6/202020) monitored the wide interactions on Arab and Palestinian social media platforms with the arrival of this plane, which was said to be carrying aid to the Palestinians in the face of the Corona virus, and that it landed in coordination between Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv and the United Nations.

The site goers circulated a video clip published by Israeli media for the moment the Emirati plane arrived at Ben Gurion Airport, while a Palestinian official said that there was no coordination with the Palestinian Authority on the plane. The authority had refused to receive the aid the first plane carried.

Israeli activists posted a video clip that they said contained an audio recording of the conversation between the pilot of the Emirati plane and the control tower at Ben Gurion Airport, in which the tower welcomed the pilot and wished him a pleasant stay in Israel, so that the pilot would thank them.

And the official Israeli accounts celebrated the plane, as the "Israel in the Gulf" account of the Israeli Foreign Ministry wrote, "A plane belonging to Etihad Airways landed in Israel on a direct flight from Abu Dhabi, which carries the official emblem of the Emirates Airlines, and has artificial respirators for the Palestinians to face Corona." The trip took place in coordination with Israel and the United Nations, and we hope that the upcoming trips will carry tourists from the UAE to Israel.

As for the "Israel in Arabic" account, which is also affiliated with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the plane’s arrival was considered a historical event, and I attached the tweet to the video of the moment of arrival and wrote, "Watch the historical moment at Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel this evening ... The Emirati cargo plane landed from Etihad after a direct flight from Abu Dhabi, It has humanitarian aid on board to tackle the Corona virus. "

On the other hand, Jordanian writer Yasser Al-Zaatara asked about the arrival of the plane and said, "How can it be a historic moment for the invaders, and at the same time helping the Palestinians?"

The UAE dissident Ibrahim Al-Haram described the plane's transmission as a blunt reaction, so he wrote, "The plane that Abu Dhabi sent today to Israel on the pretext that it is aid to the Palestinians, even though the first plane's aid did not enter and did not return to Abu Dhabi, is a raging reaction, like all reactions taken." Abu Dhabi’s decision, because when he makes mistakes, he does not correct the mistake, but rather continues, (and if he was told that he would fear God, the glory took him with sin).

The Yemeni writer Sultan Abdul-Wasea was surprised at how Abu Dhabi was sending aid to Israel and missiles to Yemen. He said, "The second Emirati plane carrying aid to Israel to confront Corona, and to Aden they send thermography and missiles."