Direct flight from
Wuhan to Beijing resumes one round-trip flight daily

  At 15:55 on June 9, China Southern Airlines flight CZ3139 took off from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport and landed at 17:28 to Beijing Daxing International Airport. This is the first Wuhan-Beijing passenger passenger flight that has resumed operation since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, marking the official resumption of Wuhan-Beijing passenger passenger route.

  Wuhan to Beijing flight resumes

  On the first day of resumption, China Southern carried out one flight from Wuhan to Beijing Daxing, the outbound flight number was CZ3139, scheduled to take off at 16:00, and arrived at Beijing Daxing International Airport at 18:05; the return flight number was CZ3140 and took off at 19:15, Arrived at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport at 21:01.

  The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the Wuhan-Beijing passenger route operated by China Southern Airlines will continue until June 27. At that time, it will apply to the National Civil Aviation Administration to encrypt the route based on the epidemic prevention and control requirements and passenger travel needs. At present, airlines such as China Eastern Airlines and Air China are stepping up to report to the National Civil Aviation Administration of Wuhan-Beijing passenger flight resumption plan.

  China Southern said that the resumption of the flight also marked the official transfer of China Southern Airlines' Wuhan-Beijing route from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing Daxing International Airport. China Southern Airlines is the largest main base airline of Beijing Daxing International Airport. After the Wuhan-Beijing route transitions to Beijing Daxing International Airport, passenger air flight time will be significantly shortened. Compared with the Capital Airport, the flight time of the China Southern Airlines Wuhan to Beijing Daxing route can be shortened by 8-10 minutes, and the passengers of China Southern Airlines Beijing Daxing to Wuhan can save at least 22 minutes of flight preparation time. The relevant person in charge of the North China Air Traffic Management Bureau said that after receiving the relevant flight planning tasks of the Civil Aviation Administration of Beijing and Wuhan Resumption, North China Air Traffic Control attached great importance to the relevant flight information to the various control departments as soon as possible, and formulated meteorological services, Air traffic control, ground taxiing and other specific air traffic control measures. The operation and management center repeatedly verified the flight schedule time, route direction, aircraft registration number, cruise altitude and other key flight plan information; the meteorological center forecasted the weather change trend and flight route weather conditions of Daxing Airport on the 9th in advance; the air control center paid close attention to the weather Trends and flight operation dynamics, coordinate with relevant control units in advance, provide high-quality air traffic control services for resumption flights, and ensure the smooth operation of resumption flights in Wuhan.

  It is also understood that since Wuhan lifted the control measures for the Wuhan-Hubei-Ehu channel on April 8, China Southern has resumed 2616 flights in Hubei, including more than 460 flights per week, and the domestic route recovery rate in Hubei reached the same period last year. Around 50%. On May 28, China Southern Airlines also used the B787 wide-body airliner to open the second Wuhan-London route dedicated to cargo transportation in Hubei (not carrying passengers), actively serving the export needs of Hubei enterprises.

  China Southern Airlines plans to resume Wuhan-Urumqi route this month

  In June, according to the adjustment of epidemic prevention policies in various places, China Southern Airlines also plans to resume the Wuhan-Urumqi route and encrypt flights from Wuhan to Beijing Daxing, Shanghai, Kunming, Hangzhou, Haikou and other places.

  According to the introduction of China Southern Airlines, in order to further facilitate passenger travel, China Southern Airlines launched multiple passenger flight products at Daxing Airport, such as "special transportation ticket" products, and passengers purchased the departure/arrival designation of Daxing Airport with the "optional" label on the China Southern Airlines APP. For tickets above economy class, you can enjoy value-added services such as one-off ticket for pick-up and drop off, one for Metro Daxing Airport Line, one for Beijing-Xiong Intercity Railway Transportation, and one for airport valet parking.

  China Eastern Airlines resumes round-trip service from Wuhan to Beijing on the 11th

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that in addition to the resumption of the Wuhan-Beijing round-trip route by China Southern, China Eastern plans to resume the Wuhan-Beijing round-trip route on June 11.

  The flight number of the Wuhan-Daxing route is MU2679, the flight time is from 9:40 to 11:50, every day; the flight number of the Daxing-Wuhan route is MU2680, the flight time is from 12:55 to 15:25, every day class. It is also understood that China Eastern Wuhan Company will launch a round-trip flight from Wuhan to Beijing on June 11. Wuhan travellers to Beijing must provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate.

  Text/Reporter Lin Lishuang

  Co-ordination/Yu Meiying