At 17:28 on June 9, China Southern Airlines flight CZ3139 landed slowly at Daxing Airport, the first passenger flight to Beijing after the heroic city of Wuhan was unsealed.

  It is reported that on June 6, Beijing lowered the level of public health emergency response, and the Civil Aviation Administration decided to resume the passenger route from Hubei Airport to Beijing. From June 9th, China Southern Airlines opened a flight from Daxing Airport to Wuhan, operated by B737-800, two flights per day. The scheduled flight time is: CZ3139 flight departs from Wuhan at 16:00 and arrives at Daxing Airport at 18:05; flight CZ3140 It took off from Daxing Airport at 19:15 and arrived in Wuhan at 21:40.

  It is understood that at present, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and other airlines are stepping up coordination arrangements for the resumption of passenger flights from Wuhan to Beijing, and some airlines have already begun ticket sales from Hubei to Beijing.

  Correspondent He Yang, reporter Liu Chao, editor Guo Shihao

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]