6 people arrested in Tokyo Kodaira's house for suspicion of robbery Investigating a person who leaked information 12:39 on June 9


In February this year, six men and women were arrested on robbery charges and others for robbing a woman in her 80s of cash of 3 million yen in a house in Kodaira, Tokyo. The Metropolitan Police Department said that the woman's home had previously been called for fraud, and that one of the arrests was also told the address of the victim of another robbery case. Is proceeding with the investigation.

Six men and women including unemployed Yuna Fujitani (28) in Suminoe-ku, Osaka were arrested.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, in February this year, in a house in Kodaira, Tokyo, a woman in her 80s living alone was threatened and robbed of 3 million yen in cash.

Studies have shown that a woman in her 80s had previously been scammed for her son.

In addition, one of the arrests said that the address and property information of the victim of the robbery incident in Nerima Ward in April was reported by another person.

It is believed that this information was also obtained by a fraudulent phone call, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a person who divulged the property information used for the fraud to the robbery group.