Xinhua Finance|Li Xiaojia: Accelerate RMB Internationalization and Consolidate the Status of Hong Kong's International Financial Center

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, June 8 (Reporter Li Binbin) Li Xiaojia, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, said that in addition to further enhancing the "blood transfusion" and "blood production" functions of the Hong Kong market for the mainland capital market, it will promote the exchange between China and the world. The "blood function swap" will become more and more important, namely the internationalization of the RMB.

  Li Xiaojia said that Hong Kong has played an irreplaceable role at every stage, both for the mainland of China and the Western world, but its function has gradually evolved and upgraded: from skeleton connection to muscle connection to blood interconnection . Hong Kong's "blood" function has gradually evolved from the simple "blood transfusion" of introducing foreign capital to the transformation and upgrading of capital "blood" in the future, and will eventually achieve interconnection and functional exchange with the global "blood system".

  Li Xiaojia said that finance is blood, and if there is no national reform and development to inject power into the heart, blood cannot flow smoothly at home and abroad. Without a sound and international "blood function exchange", China's financial system cannot truly be integrated into the world. As long as "one country, two systems" is stable in Hong Kong, the status of Hong Kong's international financial center will not be shaken.