Xingtai No.1 Rural Middle School has been forced to move out to borrow for 4 years

  After graduating from Shahe Township Middle School for two years, Xiaoya still couldn't see the new campus.

  This middle school is located at the south end of Nanjie Village, Shahe Town, Economic Development Zone, Xingtai City, Hebei Province. The expanded school should be put into use as planned in 2016, which is three times the capacity of the previous school and can accommodate 1,200 students after completion. But now, the main structures such as the unfinished teaching building are exposed to the sun, and weeds grow on the construction site.

  The original planned investment of 84.08 million yuan, a one-year construction period of expansion and expansion projects, construction stopped a few months after the start of construction, which took four years to complete.

  Investors in charge of school renovation and expansion pointed the problem to "the local government's requisition and relocation work is inefficient and the approval procedures are slow." Relevant local government departments believe that the root cause lies in "investors' demolition funds are not in place". Some people familiar with the matter said that the personnel changes in the Xingtai Economic Development Zone affected the school's construction plan. After the former development zone secretary who had vigorously promoted the school's renovation and expansion project was suspended for some reason, the project was not valued and the progress was slow.

  The bad tail project directly affected the school attendance of students in three nearby schools. The project leader of the Education, Culture and Sports Office of Xingtai Economic Development Zone responded to the Beijing News that "strive to build part of the teaching building this year so that students can enter the campus this year." The school's overall construction may be completed by 2021.

Construction site of Shahe Town Middle School Reconstruction and Expansion Project. Beijing News reporter Wei Furong

The school was renovated and expanded, more than 300 students moved out to borrow, and the loss of students was serious

  Xiaoya's junior high school student was once the "luckiest one" in the teacher's mouth.

  At the first day of school, Xiaoya departed from Nanjie Village's home and reached the school in less than ten minutes by bicycle. The image of Confucius that you can see as soon as you enter the school gate, and the room of Shahe Confucian Temple in the southwest of the school courtyard are all memories that she cannot erase.

  Compared with other school buildings in the village, the Shahe Town Middle School's original campus with an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters is relatively spacious. There are special classrooms prepared for experimental classes and computer classes. It also provides accommodation for some remote students.

  However, due to the long time it takes to build the school, it is difficult to cover the old. Xiaoya recalled, "The classroom is small, the tables are potholes, and (paper) laying on the tables is particularly strenuous."

  A teacher of Shahe Township Middle School also mentioned that because the building is old and unsafe, the average building area per student is not up to standard, and the school has been repaired and repaired many times over the years.

  So in 2016, this middle school, which had been in school for 70 years, decided to renovate and expand. It is planned to build 7 teaching buildings and comprehensive buildings, and 4 dormitory buildings. It also includes canteens, lecture halls, bathroom buildings, playgrounds and other supporting facilities.

General plan of Shahe Town Middle School Reconstruction and Expansion Project. Tuyuan Xingtai Economic Development Zone official website

  What the teacher said was lucky that Xiaoya could catch up with the "new campus with swimming pool".

  In preparation for the campus renovation and expansion, on June 21, 2016, the whole school including Xiaoya teachers and students-dozens of teaching classes, more than 300 students moved out of Shahe Town Middle School, all moved to the nearby South Street Elementary school, borrow its school building to attend. Students from Nanjie Primary School moved into Beijie Primary School, and students from two primary schools and kindergartens shared a school building.

  After moving to Nanjie Primary School, there is no cafeteria, and students can no longer stay. Xiaoya's main impression of Nanjie Primary School is: crowded.

  This elementary school has only one two-story teaching building with a total of eight classrooms. Five teacher offices are set up in the bungalows on the side of the hospital. There is no playground in the school, and the courtyard in front of the teaching building is the main activity place for the students.

  The classroom is tense. The two original teaching classes are merged into one teaching class. The classroom of nearly 60 people can only leave two aisles for single people to pass; the teacher’s office is also crowded, "One office has seven or eight teachers, classrooms The office can't stand students while tutoring."

  According to the teacher of Shahe Town Middle School, the school building of Nanjie Primary School does not have the experimental conditions, and the middle school entrance examination has experimental requirements. In the first two months of Xiaoya's approach to the senior high school entrance examination, more than 100 students from Shahe Township Middle School, led by the class teacher and physical education teacher, rode collectively to Liucun Middle School, 7 kilometers away, to borrow their campus laboratory for experiments.

  The slow campus expansion process and the stagnation of the project not only affected the students of Shahe Township Middle School, but also caused inconvenience to Nanjie Primary School and Beijie Primary School.

  The children of Mr. Chen's couple in Nanjie Village should attend Nanjie Primary School according to the scoring. However, since the Nanjie Primary School was "borrowed" by Shahe Town Middle School, his children could only go to Beijie Primary School. The children are squeezed together in a primary school with more than 50 people in one class."

A two-story building is the main teaching building of Shahe Town Middle School, which was originally a school building of Nanjie Primary School. Beijing News reporter Wei Furong

  Mr. Chen and his wife gritted their teeth and went through the transfer procedure for their children last year, and transferred to a private school. The family's expenditure exceeded 10,000 yuan. Even so, Mr. Chen said that the class that the children attended in Beijie Primary School, "have said a dozen less in the past two years." For the daughter who is about to "start small", Mr. Chen and his wife plan to abandon "segmentation to enter school" by themselves Find a place for your child.

  In Shahe Town, parents and teachers also clearly felt the serious loss of students in Shahe Town Middle School in recent years. According to people familiar with the local education system, the number of students in Shahe Town Middle School has dropped from nearly 400 in 2016 to about 100 today.

Delayed "facts about people's livelihood"

  As early as 2016, the "Xingtai Economic Development Zone Education, Culture and Sports Facilities Reconstruction and Upgrade Project-Project Package 1", which included the Shahe Town Middle School Reconstruction and Expansion Project, was selected as the third batch of government and social capital cooperation announced by the Ministry of Finance that year ( PPP) List of demonstration projects.

  Also belonging to the above-mentioned projects are the Xingtai Economic Development Zone Longxing School renovation and expansion project and the restoration of the Confucian Temple basic regulation project, with a total investment of nearly 267 million yuan.

  According to the “Pre-investment Bidding Qualification Announcement for Investors” issued by the Hebei Government Procurement Network on June 23, 2016, Shahe Town Middle School Reconstruction and Expansion Project plans to invest RMB 84.08 million, with a planned land area of ​​6.26 hectares, which can accommodate 1,200 students after completion , Almost three times the school’s student capacity at the time.

The Shahe Confucian Temple restoration project in the school's courtyard also stalled. Beijing News reporter Wei Furong

  This campus plan has been shown to many students and parents, claiming to "let rural children enjoy the educational environment of urban children."

  A paper plan also aroused the expectation of many local parents. There are parents in Nanjie Village who plan for their children. "Let him live in the school when he is in junior high school and accept the fully closed management. The school has such a reassuring environment and saves it. The trouble of cycling back and forth."

  In the work report of the Xingtai Municipal Government in 2017, the reconstruction of this school was also included in the top ten livelihoods of the year.

  "According to the original plan, the old campus was emptied in June 2016 and will be put into use that year," the above-mentioned insider said. "The secretary of the development zone at that time required all departments to cooperate and reverse the construction schedule according to such a time schedule."

  The insider mentioned that Duan Xiaoyong, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone and director of the Management Committee at that time, vigorously promoted the reconstruction and expansion plan of Shahe Township Middle School, emphasizing that "education is the greatest livelihood", and during his tenure, he promoted the completion of Shahe Township Middle School Reform. The initial design and plan of the expansion; preparation for the entry of the construction team. At that time, the campus relocation and the demolition of some old buildings of the school were also completed.

  But in fact, the actual progress of the project can be described as "slow". The person familiar with the matter said that the personnel changes experienced by the Xingtai Economic Development Zone affected the school's construction plan to a certain extent. According to Hebei's "Xingtai Daily", Duan Xiaoyong was suspended for one month after the project started on July 25, 2016 due to poor work in flood control, flood relief and disaster relief.

  Jing Honghao, head of the planning department of the Education, Culture and Sports Office of Xingtai Economic Development Zone, has been in charge of project affairs since 2016. He explained that after the flooding in Xingtai in July 2016, “the work centers in the district were transferred and the school expansion was also greatly affected. Impact, so the project was suspended for a year."

  Until May 24, 2017, the Social Affairs Bureau of Xingtai Economic Development Zone signed with Longyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Longyuan Construction) and Ningbo Minglang Investment Management Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned Sun Company of Longyuan Construction). "Xingtai Economic Development Zone Education, Culture and Sports Facilities Reconstruction and Upgrade Project-Project Package 1 Investor Bidding (PPP) Project Contract".

  The contract stipulates that the project construction period is one year. An insider of Longyuan Construction said, "According to experience, one year and a half is enough to run the formalities plus the construction period." But in the past three years, "the houses have not been demolished and the relevant procedures such as land certificates cannot be completed."

  Chen Jiapo, the project director from Longyuan Construction, also confirmed that the demolition problem is the main reason for affecting the progress of the project. "The compensation standards for demolition and relocation have not been fixed and have not met the demands of local residents." He introduced that the reconstruction and expansion of Shahe Town Middle School In the planning, the expanded Shahe Town Middle School occupied part of the residential houses and cultivated land of Nanjie Village and needed to be demolished.

  According to the contract signed by the two parties, the Social Affairs Bureau of Xingtai Economic Development Zone is responsible for all land consolidation, land acquisition, demolition, compensation and resettlement of project land; to ensure the legality of project establishment, planning, land use, environmental assessment and project construction.

  The year Xiaoya graduated from junior high school, in June 2018, the construction of Shahe Township Middle School just ushered in two years after the school was cleared. At the end of December of that year, the school stopped construction due to delays in procedures and other issues.

The government says "strive to build the school building this year"

  Chen Jiapo said that the local government had once made a commitment to “certify while building”, “we signed a commitment to let the construction team go to the field, and they will complete the procedures within the deadline. If there are administrative penalties or administrative It’s up to them to break the rules."

  "We arranged the requisition and relocation plans, and completed the plan, but did not complete it once," Chen Jiapo mentioned. "It took a long time, and finally it was not done. At least in my opinion, they (the government) are right The importance of this project is not enough."

  Jing Honghao gave a completely different statement-Longyuan Construction did not pay the demolition funds in time according to the promise. "We evaluated the houses of the people and did the work for the households, but the demolition funds have not been allocated." Jing Honghao added, "When they were given the demolition funds, they said that they could not get the capital and asked us to obtain a land certificate, but only after completing the demolition can we go through the procedure of obtaining the certificate."

  Chen Jiapo said that there is no problem of non-payment of demolition funds. "We have already invested part of the capital according to the project progress according to the industrial and commercial law. If the government completes the work progress and negotiates with our project company, this capital can also be used to repay the demolition." But this statement was also denied by Jing Honghao , "We don't have the right to use the project capital. Their capital has not been fully paid in."

  Chen Jiapo added that the delay in the requisition and demolition work undertaken by the government and the lagging procedures also affect other financing of the project. "(Project financing) financial institutions need our'four certificates are complete' and the project can only be started after the documents are complete." He said that these "four certificates"-"construction land planning permit", "land use permit", "construction project planning permit" and "construction project construction permit" have not been obtained so far.

  After having failed to obtain compliance procedures, at the end of 2018, Long Yuan Construction issued a work stop order to the school construction team. Chen Jiapo said that the company has decided to terminate the cooperation in January this year, and is currently preparing a contract for termination.

  In the Shahe Town Middle School, the basic regulation project for the restoration of the Confucian Temple across the wall from the school construction project also fell into a similar dilemma. The ancient Confucian Temple was built in the Song Dynasty and belongs to the Shahe city-level cultural relics protection unit. Due to serious damage and the risk of collapse.

  In June 2018, Baoding Datang Garden Ancient Construction Company contracted the restoration project of Confucian Temple from Longyuan Construction Office. Chen Yonggang, the person in charge of the project, introduced that his company had already advanced more than 800,000 yuan for the initial dismantling and maintenance of the Confucian Temple. The Confucian Temple restoration project is a project bundled with the school reconstruction and expansion project. Due to the inability to advance the demolition work and the subsequent funds of the developer, the official repair and reconstruction of the Confucian Temple cannot be further carried out.

  "I've been a'gatekeeper' for two years, neither can I enter, nor can I retreat." Chen Yonggang said that because he was worried about the damage and collapse of the Confucian Temple, he could only personally guard the construction site and cover and protect the ancient Confucian Temple to be restored with plastic cloth. However, after two years, the plastic cloth has also been eroded by wind and rain.

  In the middle of May 2020, at the construction site of the school's reconstruction and expansion, the reporter saw on the scene that the old site of Shahe Town Middle School was surrounded by blue construction. Compared with the campus building before construction, except for a teaching building In addition, the original science and technology building was demolished, and the remaining two bungalows were dilapidated.

  On the east side of the school yard, the two newly constructed teaching buildings have not been completed, one of them has been capped, and the other two-story building has exposed steel bars, pointing directly at the sky. There are piles of steel bars everywhere on the ground, and the weeds have grown to a height.

Shahe Town Middle School Reconstruction and Extension Project site, two unfinished teaching buildings. Beijing News reporter Wei Furong

  "Schools are not well built, we are more anxious than anyone else, we also try our best to create conditions to meet teaching," Jing Honghao said. The district also noticed the loss of school students and the shortage of teaching land in primary schools. At present, the Social Development Bureau plans to expand the school. The project and the Confucian Temple restoration project are tendered separately. "We have made all the budgets of Shahe Town Middle School. Now we are in the process of financial review. (After the termination of the contract with Longyuan), we will immediately invite tenders to allow the construction unit to start construction."

  Jing Honghao said, "We plan to implement it step by step and strive to build the teaching building within this year so that students can go to class." And the completion of the school's overall construction, according to its introduction, may be 2021.

  In Nanjie Village, teachers or parents have rarely heard of the rehabilitation plan of Shahe Township Middle School. Although parents still have no idea about school selection, the direction seems to be the same: "Go out and don't delay your children. "

  Article | Beijing News reporter Wei Furong Intern Qian Yi