The stars showed anger and resentment over the subsequent'child abuse' incident.

Comedian Kim Won-hyo posted an article capture photo on the social media of Changnyeong, saying, "Human like garbage" on his SNS on the 8th.

A rescue incident was reported when a citizen of a elementary school student, A (9), who was injured by his stepfather and his mother injured in Changnyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, was wounded. At the time of discovery, Miss A suffered bruises on her body, including her eyes, and traces of bleeding due to her head being torn, and her fingers were severely burned. Ms. A's stepfather and mother were arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

While sharing an article reporting on the incident, Kim Won-hyo said, "If you do this, don't give birth to a child." In the meantime, he added a tag of'#I want to hug you once warmly #My child #Mother's child #All precious' and conveyed a sad feeling.

Prior to this, the Cheonan child abuse incident, which caused her step-mother to hide her 9-year-old son in a suitcase, also bought a national resentment. It was the same with the stars that were angry here, and there was a star who expressed opinions through SNS.

Actress Yoo Sun-eun posted a photo of an article on Cheonan's child abuse on her SNS on the 5th and said, "I was able to stop it, but I was able to protect it. I was so upset and so heartbroken."

Next, "Children, our adults, we must protect and protect. Watch with a little more attention and don't overdo it if you're worried. Children are fragile beings that need the protection and love of adults. Please, take care with love." Appealed.

At the same time, Yoo Seon also encouraged related petitions with a hashtag of #Children Abuse Report 112 #Enhancement of Child Abuse Punishment #Necessary #Currently, the petition is in progress.

[Photo = Wonhyo Kim, Wired Instagram] 

(SBS funE reporter Seonae Kang)