After 90s, what is the project of girls who fell into complete paraplegia after playing "human bomb"?

  Recently, a post-90s girl in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, fell into "complete paraplegia" on a trampoline, causing widespread concern. In the ward of Xuzhou Renci Hospital, the reporter saw the injured Kiki.

  Kiki is a graduate student. On May 25, she and her boyfriend and cousin went to a trampoline hall called "Phantom Starry Sky" in Xuzhou City to experience the "human bomb" game project. The live video showed that after being kicked up, Kiki fell backwards and fell into the ball pool.

Subsequently, Kiki was taken to hospital for treatment.

Zhang Guanlin, deputy director of Xuzhou Renci Hospital: After the patient was admitted to the hospital, a CT scan revealed that she had a C6/C7 vertebral fracture and dislocation, leading to "complete paraplegia".

Reporter: What is total paraplegia?

Zhang Guanlin, deputy director of Xuzhou Renci Hospital: The motor sensation below the injury level and the function of defecate and urine are completely lost.

Reporter: Did she have any other symptoms?

Zhang Guanlin, deputy director of Xuzhou Renci Hospital: At that time, her right upper extremity could not move, her left upper extremity was partially active, and her lower extremity sensory activity was completely lost. Later, we underwent surgical treatment. Currently, the patient's upper extremity activity has improved significantly compared with that before surgery, and the overall situation is improving. To develop in the direction, long-term rehabilitation treatment is needed in the later period.

  The day after the incident, on May 26, Kiki's family reported the case to the local public security organ. Subsequently, the relevant department set up a "Phantom Starry Sky" fall incident working group, and the trampoline hall involved has been suspended.

Qiqi boyfriend Xiao Lu: We arrived at around 6 o'clock in the afternoon (May 25). After entering the venue for 30 to 40 minutes, this happened.

Reporter: What did you just start playing in?

Kiki’s boyfriend Xiao Lu: I just started to play the shooting project. I played several times. After playing for thirty or forty minutes, I played this "human bomb".

  Kiki’s boyfriend Xiaolu recalled that before entering the venue, the staff asked them to sign a security agreement. At that time, Kiki signed all three names and left their phone numbers. When signing, the staff did not explain the contents of the agreement and the matters needing attention to the three people.

Reporter: What happened at that time? How could it fall?

Wounded Qiqi: Actually, I don't know that this kind of thing will happen. She (the field staff) teaches us how to do it and how to play it. Reporter: Who taught you how to do it?

Wounded Kiki: A staff member of the stadium.

  At that time, after Kiki's posture, under the guidance of the staff, her cousin jumped from high altitude to the bounce air cushion, Kiki was instantly ejected.

Kiki, the wounded: After popping out, I felt like I was curled up. When I landed, my back seemed to be covered with something very hard. After stopping, I felt numb all over my body and found that I couldn't control it. I stayed in the ocean ball pool for a while.

  According to Kiki’s memory, after she was able to move into the ocean ball pool and could not move, the staff allowed her to slow down in place, which may be numb. After a while, it didn’t improve. The ball pool and dialed 120.

Li Qingguo, chief physician of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University: The trampoline project has certain risks. Because the spine of the human body is relatively fragile, the spine is overstretched or twisted after being impacted, which can cause damage to the spinal cord. After spinal cord injury, the movement, sensation, reflex, sphincter and autonomic nerve function below the injury level are damaged, and the patient will appear A series of symptoms such as loss of sensation, loss of movement, and incontinence