Persons in charge of multiple districts
  in Beijing became a highlight of the Beijing consumer season when they brought live goods with "carry staff" . During the consumer season, more than 100 live shopping activities will be held

Yesterday, in Dashilan, a long-established store, employees live-sold. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

  Yesterday, Dashilan, the chief of the Xicheng District, Sun Shuo (middle) live broadcasted the goods and promoted old-time goods. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

  Yesterday, Wang Youguo (middle), the head of the Daxing District, taught the secrets of picking melons in the old Song Melon Garden in Pangezhuang Town. Photo courtesy of Daxing District

Yesterday, Sun Junmin (right), the head of Shunyi District, COFCO Xiangyun Township, brought goods live. Photo courtesy of Shunyi District

  One of the highlights of this Beijing consumer season is the live broadcast of goods. The heads of various districts have entered the live broadcast room and acted as "carry staff" to speak for local enterprises.

  During the consumer season, more than one hundred live shopping events will be held, including brand live broadcasts, well-known brand live broadcasts, non-legacy live broadcasts, live Beijing cuisine live broadcasts, poverty alleviation live broadcasts, etc., to continue to create consumer hot spots.

  West city

  The mayor walked into Dashilan to participate in the live broadcast

  "I went into the office and put on these shoes, which were much more comfortable than leather shoes. I have the same pair." Yesterday morning, Xi Shuo, the mayor of Xicheng District, became an old-time "carryman" in Dashilan Commercial Street. On the same day, the Beijing consumer season was launched, and Xicheng District simultaneously launched the “Enjoy Consumption·Fashionable West City” promotion in the famous commercial block Dashilan.

  Sun Shuo said that as the chief executive of Xicheng District, it is obliged to be a salesman for the well-known brand, hoping that the well-known brand will find new vitality under the impact of the epidemic.

  In this promotional activity, Xicheng District gathered a number of policies, integrated multi-sectoral linkages, increased corporate profits, pooled financial funds of 5.01 billion yuan to help enterprises in various ways, and directly arranged funds to promote consumption reached 150 million yuan. The region's commercial supermarkets, services, culture, sports, retail, tourism, etc. have carried out major promotions to fully promote the recovery of the regional consumer market.

  In order to do this promotion well, Xicheng District has set up a public platform for "West City Consumption" in the early stage to issue subsidies and rewards to the business service companies in the district, such as subsidies and rewards. "Huimin Gift Package" including coupons, discount coupons and function coupons. At the same time, join hands with enterprises to pay attention to the difficult groups, issue warm-hearted consumption coupons in a targeted manner, do a good job of ensuring people's livelihood, and demonstrate the corporate social responsibility and responsibility of the business service industry. At present, there are more than 320,000 registered users of the “Xicheng Consumption” public account, and 179 online enterprises have been issued. Various consumption coupons have been issued 625,000, spurring consumption of 650 million yuan.


  The mayor appeared to speak for Daxing Watermelon

  Yesterday, 5 million yuan of Daxing consumption vouchers began to be issued, and the “Li” enjoyment of Beijing consumption season was officially launched. At the old Songguayuan branch in Pangezhuang Town, Wang Youguo, deputy secretary of the Daxing District Party Committee and head of the district, live broadcasted and brought goods for Daxing Watermelon.

  Seeing the district director coming in the live room, netizens had a lot of problems, and they all left messages to let the district director talk about the secrets of picking melons. Wang Youguo is also unambiguous, and directly "dry goods" to netizens: "Listen! If it is bang, it is a good melon; if it is bang, it is a normal growth; if it jumps, it means that this melon almost means."

  Why is Daxing watermelon sweet? Wang Youguo explained to netizens: “Daxing in southern Beijing belongs to the impact plain of the Yongding River, and the watermelon juice planted in the sandy land rich in minerals is rich in water and highly sweet!”

  There is no discount on the live broadcast of the district governor. There is no discount. The discount was opened in the live broadcast room yesterday. Netizens received consumer coupons. The original price of 48 yuan per box of watermelon immediately became 28 yuan. If it is a consumer in the Beijing area, it can also be delivered home for free.

  In addition to bringing goods for Daxing watermelon endorsement, Wang Youguo also did not forget to recommend Daxing to netizens and endorsement for Daxing. He said: "With the opening of Daxing International Airport, Daxing has ushered in new development opportunities. Welcome everyone to Daxing to eat melons and develop business, to develop together with Daxing, and everything goes well!"

  During the consumer season, Daxing District will issue 15 million yuan of consumer coupons. Daxing consumers only need to register on the small e-commerce platform "Xingfu Shopping" applet to enjoy the "batch of ten thousand coupons" in the Beijing consumer season. Can get consumption subsidies issued by Daxing District.


  Mayor sells 10 off-road vehicles with goods

  "Shunyi is one of the key development new cities in northeast Beijing. It has unique advantages in geographic location and economic development. Welcome everyone to come to Shunyi as a guest, come to Shunyi for consumption, and come to Shunyi for investment and development!" Yesterday morning, "Pin Shunyi·" "Happy Life" was opened at the Fountain Plaza in the North District of COFCO·Xiangyun Township.

  "The district governor is the anchor, this sales volume went up at once!" Lin Zhiping, Yanjing Beer E-commerce Co., Ltd. told reporters that the district governor recommended the latest varieties of Yanjing beer in the live broadcast. "Our beer was also broadcast live for five minutes. More than 4,000 boxes were sold online."

  The reporter learned that the district director took live broadcasts for half an hour. During the peak period, the number of viewers exceeded 140,000, and the number of praises exceeded 1.1 million. When she produced the first "Beijing" cherry, the limited edition stock was instantly illuminated. In addition to Yanjing Beer, Big Cherry, and the Beiqi SUV, the district governor brought goods live. As of 12:00 noon yesterday, Yanjing Beer placed an order for 4656 boxes with an amount of 300,000 yuan; Beiqi Off-road Vehicle launched a 10,000 yuan gift pack, and 10 online reservations with an amount of more than 1.9 million yuan.

  Shunyi District will also launch special electronic consumer coupons, with a focus on catering, entertainment (bookstores), tourism (attraction tickets), and sports activities. 2 million yuan will be launched in the first phase on June 12, and the latter will be decided on the strength and frequency of the market based on market reaction. At that time, consumers can pick up coupons on the Alipay "Shunpinhui" applet and go to the participating merchants in Shunyi District to consume.

  Beijing News reporter Dai Xuan Wu Tingting