When I joined Shenzhen, a sentence of "I am from Wuhan"
   burst into warm applause

  At the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum, Xin Shimin (middle), secretary-general of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Education Base Federation, had an in-depth conversation with reporters and took the initiative to invite reporters to take a group photo.

  When the Wuhan 90s girl introduced herself to a company in Shenzhen, the audience suddenly burst into warm applause; the Hubei fellow returned to Shenzhen to return to work, the community staff helped deliver the food to the door of the house, and also provided free grain and oil; interviewed in Shenzhen for a few days. The taxi drivers did not shy away from talking to the Changjiang Daily reporter when they were in charge of the technology companies... Shenzhen's tolerance and openness moved and warmed the people of Wuhan.

  When the Wuhan girl introduced herself to the job, the audience suddenly burst into warm applause

  The post-90s girl Wu Fei was born and raised in Wuhan and stayed in Wuhan during the epidemic. Because her boyfriend worked in Shenzhen for a long time, in early May, she set off from Wuhan and took the high-speed train to Shenzhen.

  "I came from Wuhan. This will not affect the result of the interview?" Wu Fei was moved by the interviews. The interviewers were very friendly. After hearing her concerns, an interviewer responded very readily: "No, no, Wuhan is the safest city in the country, and there is no problem at all."

  The interviewer's words made Wu Fei feel the tolerance of the city of Shenzhen. Until she joined the company's newcomer training, she finally let go of her hanging heart.

  "Everyone was sitting together at the time, and everyone had to introduce themselves. When it was my turn, I was particularly nervous because I didn't know how the new colleagues would react after hearing my introduction." Wu Fei never thought of it. The next scene is worth her memories of her life.

  "Hello everyone, my name is Wu Fei, from Wuhan." Wu Fei's words just fell, and the audience suddenly heard "Wuhan is a heroic city", and there was a burst of warm applause from the audience. Wu Fei recalled that the scene at that time was too unexpected and too pleasant, and I did not know what to say. "Although everyone didn't know each other at the time, the applause of that sentence was enough to make me feel more at ease and stronger."

  "After work, I work with my colleagues and eat together. It's the same as before." Wu Fei said that there are no other restrictions on travel, just like normal life.

  When moving to a new home, when Wu Fei revealed her ID to the landlord, she did not expect that the landlord had not resisted. Instead, she took the initiative to ask with concern, what is happening in Wuhan and whether the people around her are healthy and safe. Wu Fei said that all these actions made her feel warm.

  Point-to-point, one-stop service, Hubei people in Shenzhen successfully returned to work

  On June 5, the relevant person in charge of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Group Office of the Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office in Shenzhen said in an interview with a reporter from the Changjiang Daily that Shenzhen is an inclusive city and does not violate the basic policy of epidemic prevention and control. Under the premise, Shenzhen opened a peer-to-peer channel for receiving Hubei personnel, including Wuhan people, back to Shenzhen as early as March.

  After the “unblocking” of Wuhan on April 8th, Shenzhen specially introduced the basic policy of providing nucleic acid test reports by Hubei Lai Shen personnel including Wuhan people. This policy is for those who come to Wuhan Lai Shen who hold the Hubei Health Code Green Code to provide a nucleic acid test report within 7 days, arrange the nucleic acid test on the same day (must wait for the result at the designated hotel or home), and do it again after 7 days in Lai Shen Nucleic acid test; who can provide nucleic acid test report in the last 7 days, and do a nucleic acid test after 7 days. The relevant testing costs shall be borne by the government.

  A reporter from the Changjiang Daily learned that through the peer-to-peer and one-stop service measures taken by the relevant departments of Hubei and Shenzhen, on March 23, only 1,171 people from Hubei returned to the post and took the train to Shenzhen North Railway Station. On March 24, another 800 people from Hubei returned to work in 30 buses to Shenzhen and other places to return to work.

  "Shenzhen is very accommodating. I don’t need isolation when I arrive in Shenzhen on March 20. I heard that the former fellow from Hubei who returned to Shenzhen in the past, the (Shenzhen) government will uniformly arrange free accommodation in hotels. Those who are isolated at home also have community staff to help deliver food to the doorstep. Provide free grain and oil..."

  Li Zhongjie, a Xiangyang person from Hubei who was doing business in Shenzhen, told reporters that he returned to Shenzhen and took the highway from Xiaogan in Hubei to Shenzhen. It was not until the parking lot in the community that the security guard asked about his schedule. Because there are electronic records in the whole process, the data control of the epidemic situation is very good, which facilitates the people of Hubei to travel back to Shenzhen.

  In addition, many fellows from the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen have come out to help Hubei people and provide free accommodation for Hubei people stranded in other places. In Shenzhen, the factory opened by Hubei people also welcomes Hubei fellows.

  Deeply understand the goodwill of Shenzhen people in the interview

  Wu Feng (pseudonym), who works in a Shenzhen-based media, told reporters that his colleagues knew that he was from Wuhan. Since the outbreak, he has not felt any discrimination or differential treatment.

  A few days ago, Wu Feng went to the vehicle management office to review the car. The staff saw that his ID card started with 42 and knew that he was from Wuhan. He just took a photo of the ID card and then set up no obstacles. He completed the annual review procedure for him. .

  In early May, the reporter went to Shenzhen for an interview. This trip to Shenzhen, Shenzhen's openness and tolerance, Shenzhen people's kindness to Wuhan people, the reporter has a first-hand experience.

  A chain hotel in Shenzhen can check in by scanning the green code and measuring the temperature of the staff holding Wuhan ID cards. The staff said that the hotel is connected to the Shenzhen Public Security System, and the nucleic acid test report for Wuhan people is not approved by the relevant departments.

  Visited the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum and met Xin Shimin, Secretary General of Shenzhen Science and Technology Education Base Association. I never knew him before, and I hadn't contacted him beforehand. Hearing the intention, Xin Shimin asked the reporter to sit down and discuss in detail Shenzhen's achievements and experiences in technological innovation. Before leaving, he invited the reporter to take a group photo. He also sent the reporter a pack of masks and a map of Shenzhen's popular science.

  In an interview with Shenzhen Yuntian Lifei Technology Co., Ltd. located in Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Park, the company's senior brand manager Liu Wenfei took a reporter to visit the company's innovation display center throughout, introducing the company's technological innovation results in detail and obtaining patents every year. After taking a group photo, Manager Liu used the company's visual artificial intelligence technology to ask the reporter to choose a photo cover and let the reporter scan the code on the spot to save a photo with a "magazine" cover.

  Shenzhen media person Wu Feng knew all about Wuhan's fellow villagers and asked reporters to sit in his unit's office to discuss the epidemic situation and Shenzhen's technological innovation and development of technological enterprises. Before leaving, he asked the reporter to take a group photo in the office.

  In the few days of interviews in Shenzhen, whether it was the heads and managers of the interviewed technology companies, hotel staff, taxi drivers, and Shenzhen citizens, I heard that the reporters were from Wuhan, and they did not evade but treated each other warmly.

  (Wang Jianghui reporter Wan Jianhui Li Yuying He Xiaogang)