The first batch of students from more than 20 colleges and universities in Beijing returned to school and resumed classes in batches

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 6th (Reporter Wei Mengjia) The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Party Committee’s Education and Work Committee that in accordance with the unified deployment requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Beijing will begin to graduate from colleges that have the conditions to prevent and control campus outbreaks Grade students return to school to resume classes in batches. On the 6th, the first batch of more than 20 colleges and universities such as Peking University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other universities started to return to school, welcoming more than 4,800 graduate students to return to the campus in batches.

  Beginning on the 6th, students of the graduating grades of Peking University returned to the school in order in four batches. It is reported that since May, the school has started preparations for graduate students to return to school, and set up 10 work classes for detailed arrangements. From the beginning of June to the middle and the end of June, about 7000 students of Peking University will return to school in batches on a voluntary basis. On the 6th, 12 teachers from Peking University accompanied more than 200 graduate students from Hubei to Beijing to return to school, ensuring the safety of students on their way back to school.

  On the 6th, Beijing Institute of Technology welcomed more than 200 students returning to school. The reporter saw at the school gate that under the guidance of the staff, the students returning to the school lined up in an orderly manner, entered the school after identification and temperature measurement, and then reported to the pergola set up by their respective colleges, showing the health code and nucleic acid Test reports, etc., and receive the "epidemic prevention package" specially prepared for them by schools and colleges. From June to July, more than 7000 graduates of the school will return to the school in 6 batches.

  In classrooms, canteens, libraries and other places of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the prompt slogan and QR code of "scan in and out, and report the location and route" can be seen everywhere. In order to allow all students to return to school smoothly, Beijing University of Chemical Technology has formulated a "one-to-one" and "point-to-point" plan, and funded nucleic acid testing for all students who returned to school. Xu Haijun, director of the Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, said that starting on the 6th, more than 7,000 graduate students will return to school in 7 batches, each with about 1,000 people. At present, the school has made the whole process of epidemic prevention measures to ensure the smooth and safe return of students to school.