Stinky mandarin fish, Mengcheng beef, mutton in Xiaoxian, Anxin bean sprouts... On the evening of June 6, Ma Yun, the founder of the Ma Yun Charity Foundation, came to Hefei to honor the "hot pot agreement". Anhui asked some medical staff in Hubei to eat hot pot together.

  At 18:06 on the 6th, Ma Yun "put down" 6 hot pots at the Daoxianglou Hotel in Hefei and invited 66 Anhui members of the Hubei Medical Team to eat hot pots together. At the same time, he also invited more than 6,000 medical aid workers from all over the country to "cloud hot pot" through online live broadcast. The hot pot of more than 6,000 medical aid workers from Hubei will be delivered to home by e-commerce platform riders.

  On March 8th, Wang Qi, a member of the Anhui Support Hubei Medical Team who was doing nursing work at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, invited Ma Yun to eat hot pot on Weibo after receiving the Women's Day gift from Ma Yun. Ma Yun responded to Wang Qi's Weibo , Readily said "let's make an appointment".

  It is understood that since the outbreak, Anhui Province has dispatched 8 batches of medical teams and public health personnel to support Hubei, with a total of 1362 people, fighting in 7 hospitals and 4 square cabin hospitals in Wuhan.

  (Reporter Zhang Yazi editor Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Zhou Zhaojun]