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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West won't warn Steve Stanulis once again. They had already had to call their former bodyguard to order because he had become accustomed to pouring out their privacy. And after the security guard went to the Hollywood Raw Podcast microphone a few weeks ago, the couple sees red.

Kim & Kanye Threaten to Sue Former Bodyguard for at Least $ 10 Million

- TMZ (@TMZ) June 1, 2020

According to TMZ, the two stars accuse him of defamation and of having broken the confidentiality clause of his contract. As a result of which Steve Stanulis is put on notice to be silent if he does not want to face a lawsuit at… 10 million dollars.

Badly luned

In their letter, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West claim that Steve Stanulis signed an agreement in February 2016 prohibiting him from making public the information personal or related to the affairs of the couple.

It must be said that the bodyguard was not tender with the rapper in his revelations. According to him, Kanye West imposed "ridiculous rules". Steve Stanulis said that he had to walk ten steps from his client to avoid entering the paparazzi's photos. For him, Yeezy will have been the most "ill-looked" and "in need of attention" star for whom he worked.


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