There is only five months left to know from the new president, will US President Donald Trump be re-elected for another four years, or will Democrat Joe Biden come to the shoulders of Trump's health, financial and social crises.

Trump's election campaign at the beginning of the year was based on his economic accomplishments, but the situation turned upside down. The achievements evaporated in the winds of the "Covid-19" virus, and the unemployment rate rose to a record level to 14.7% in April, and yesterday it decreased to 13.3%.

The virus hit the two election campaigns together, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden was imprisoned at his home, while Trump takes advantage of the image of his imprisoned rival to appear publicly and without a muzzle, and his message is that the situation will return to normal.

But the situation is not that simple, as a social and security crisis quickly exploded after the killing of white policeman Derek Chauvin, the black American citizen George Floyd, during his arrest, when he put his knee on Floyd's neck, who suffocated.

The situation exploded and demonstrations turned into riots at the level of the United States, and from the coast to the coast. Trump blamed state governors for calling them weak, and ordered them to suppress non-peaceful demonstrations.

Trump accused the extreme left, led by Biden, of releasing the saboteurs from prison, but he said that "the sleepy atmosphere" knows nothing, but his team is acting without his knowledge, and that these saboteurs will take over if Biden is elected, and the president also specified that 13 people from the Biden team Behind this plan, he tweeted, “On the third of November,” meaning that he tells his supporters to go and re-elect me.

Biden, for his part, published a picture of him kneeling in front of a black father, and wrote words closer to sermons to calm conditions and arbitrate the mind. Trump has no choice but to use the riots to enforce the law, as he stated with the phrase: “I am the president of law and order.”

Biden leads in opinion polls, as he was 6 points ahead two weeks ago, and today is ten. But Trump has a strong card that might help him, which is that he can ignite his campaign base that has proven more committed to voting. Biden's solution to facing it is the speed of choosing a deputy, and his advisers advise him to choose the former progressive candidate, Elizabeth Warren.

In Arabic: After the late US President Lyndon Johnson announced in March 1968 that he was not running for the presidency, the United States was descending into ruin that had not occurred since the end of the civil war a century earlier. In April 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated, and his assassination sparked popular anger and riot, in addition to the demonstrations and riots of the then burning Vietnam War.

Two months later, Democratic candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated, and in August of that year the police fought anti-war demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. In November, Republican candidate Richard Nixon won the presidency, reaching the shoulders of what he called the forgotten Americans, calling himself "the president of law and order."

Meanwhile, Johnson said, “I felt that I was living an endless nightmare.” And that is precisely what Trump has put in today. History is repeating itself, but the facts are different.

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