China News Service, Wenzhou, June 6 (Reporter Pan Qinwen Correspondent Lin Xiangxiang) A video of a farmer couple dancing in the field has recently received the attention and "likes" of many netizens. The couple is from Jiangbei Village, Mayu Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province. His wife Peng Xiaoying said: "Dancing is relaxing for us. When the music sounds and we dance to the rhythm, we will be free of stress and troubles. Now."

  In these two days, Peng Xiaoying and his wife were a little busy. In the eight acres of the family's field, a large piece of corn is growing happily, and cucumbers are also rapidly jumping. Watermelons, melons, peanuts, soybeans, etc. all need their care. Early in the morning for a few days, as long as it was fine, they went to the ground to fertilize and do agricultural work. Tired of work, she put on a song, danced on the ridge, and sat under the corn tree to relax after the dance.

The Peng Xiaoying couple worked in the cornfield. Sun Rinshe

  A month ago, the peasant couple didn’t think that one day they would become popular because of a self-entertaining dance. Peng Xiaoying said that four years ago, she learned to dance in town squares, but she didn't expect to dance more and more like it, and she became more addicted. So she took her husband Fan Duo, who suffered from depression due to a car accident, to dance together. The two were sweating in a passionate dance, and Fan Duo's situation improved significantly.

Peng Xiaoying and her husband Fan are much more. Sun Rinshe

  At the beginning of this year, Peng Xiaoying began choreography because of the epidemic staying at home, and incorporated the memories of the elders and his own experience of producing labor into the dance. So, the grand scene of grandma combing her hair, pulling the bellows during cooking, and raising ducks and geese in childhood became a series of characteristic dance steps, and finally made a "goodbye" action, expressing goodbye to the previous bitter years.

  After the choreography named "Wenzhou Drag Dance" was completed, they were dressed in coarse clothes, backed against the old house, and happily danced. The little girl in the sixth grade of elementary school made a video for them. After the video was taken, it was sent to the online platform, and the effect was very good, attracting many "fans". Next, they also plan to make a dance to dance when planting rice seedlings.

Peng Xiaoying and his wife were dancing in the field. Sun Rinshe

  In May of this year, Peng Xiaoying and his wife were hooked on live broadcasting. With a mobile phone and a stand, they started live broadcast and fan interaction, and the live broadcast fans ranged from thousands to 10,000. For the sudden heat and flow, the couple bluntly "unexpectedly." Having experienced car accidents, illnesses and business failures, they cherish ordinary and precious happiness even more.

  "Life should be like this. If you can jump, you should hurry up. No matter what you do, you have to make yourself happy. It is also our blessing to bring others happiness." Peng Xiaoying said. (Finish)