Stinky mandarin fish, Mengcheng beef, Xiaoxian mutton, Anxin bean sprouts... On the evening of the 6th, Ma Yun came to Hefei to honor the "hot pot appointment", and asked Anhui to support some medical personnel in Hubei to eat hot pot together. At 6:06 pm on June 6, Ma Yun "placed" 6 hot pots at the Hexiang Daoxianglou Hotel and invited 66 Anhui members of the Hubei Medical Team to eat hot pots together. At the same time, he also invited more than 6,000 medical aid workers from all over the country to "cloud hot pot" through online live broadcast. The hot pot of more than 6,000 medical aid workers from Hubei will be delivered to home by e-commerce platform riders. The picture shows Ma Yun's appointment to "Cloud Hotpot". Photo by Zhang Yazi

Release time: 2020-06-06 20:52:46 [Editor: Tian Bochuan]