If the latest species was punished eight years ago, would there have been two murders?

The SBS'I Want to Know' broadcast on the 6th highlighted the Jeonju serial murder case with the subtitle of'Two murders, seven reflections-why the latest species became a serial killer'.

On April 14, a female Kim disappeared from Jeonju. The woman who went to see her friend's husband in a comfortable outfit did not return after getting on the black car.

In addition, a request for air-conditioning investigation was received from the Busan Police Station in Jeonju Police Station, which was tracking Kim's whereabouts. Park, a woman who lived in Busan, went on a trip to Jeonju and disappeared. However, this woman also disappeared the last time she boarded a black car. The black vehicle he rides is Choi's.

Mr. Choi's husband, Mr. Kim's husband, who has just met and talked to Kim and broke up. However, it was discovered through CCTV that Choi was leaving Kim in a vehicle. Accordingly, the police who questioned Mr. Choi arrested him urgently. But he denied his crime.

And a few days later, Kim's body was found missing. In response, Choi admitted murder. Then, on May 12, another body was discovered. This was Park, a missing woman in Busan.

Later, the police found evidence of Kim's blood and Park's DNA detected in Choi's vehicle. And a few days later, the identity of the criminal, Choi, was revealed. The killer of the Jeonju serial murder was the latest.

The prosecution revealed his identity, as the brutality of the latest crimes was recognized and there were enough evidence to convince him.

However, Choi Jong-jong insisted that he was accidentally murdered by remarks that ignored him, and that he did not remember the process of being depressed.

Choi's acquaintances were greatly surprised by Choi's incident, saying, "Would it be a stigma? It was a budding and domestic person. It was not considered violent." However, there were some who did the opposite. That's Choi's alumni.

They said, "I thought it was later than I thought. The first time I hit a knife was high school. I bought a big knife and wrapped it in a newspaper. I always said that I would kill people soon with the kids."

He added, "I am a person who must be released from my anger. I am a person who cannot be restrained when I am excited.

Indeed, Choi's body autopsy revealed the possibility that he had not only strangled Kim when he murdered, but also had severe violence. The expert said in the first case, "It is a case of strangulation with the hands, and bleeding has also occurred in the thyroid cartilage and cervical spine. In addition to strangling the neck, the victim may have climbed the victim to suppress and strangle the body. It means there is a great possibility."

Victim Kim is known to have been close enough to help Choi and her husband financially while being closest to the latest wife. Choi's acquaintances said that he had asked several places to borrow money a week before the incident.

At the time of the first incident, Mr. Kim left with Choi and 30 minutes later, a live image was captured on CCTV. Soon, however, the passenger seat of the vehicle was tilted back and Mr. Kim was not seen anywhere. And around the time this figure was captured, it was discovered that Kim was withdrawn from Internet savings. In addition, after 6 minutes of withdrawal of deposit, 480,000 won was withdrawn again from the mobile account.

And Choi returned to the house on the day, and revealed that he gave his wife 400,000 won in cash and a gold bracelet. However, Choi insisted that this was directly borrowed from Kim, not an obsession.

He said he bought a cutter knife at a convenience store before meeting with Kim, who said he had murdered but did not get caught. Choi explained that the knife was bought to kill herself.

Kim's acquaintances said, "It was embarrassing to see the estimated time of the death of the second incident. That day was the day when Choi killed Kim and was investigated for the incident."

At that time, Choi met Park through a random chat application. Choi rides Park in the car and escapes from Jeonju. And a scene of Choi's brutal assault of Park was caught on a gas station CCTV. It's been 50 minutes since we met. And it didn't take two hours to kill Park and kill him. Later, Choi Jong-jong went to the hospital and healed a wound from a fight with Mr. Park.

In order to understand Choi's psychology and crime, the crew went to Kil Il-yong's profiler and the crime scene. Kwon Il-yong, who saw the first scene, said, "I think it might be because I aimed to be lost even though I could conceal it." In addition, he added, "I was committed to committing a crime and hoping that the body would be lost rather than buried in the hope that if I denied the crime, I could confirm that it was in my car."

On the second scene, Kwon Il-yong analyzed that "the body was abandoned and there was no evidence of destruction of evidence. The crime was committed by expressing self-esteem."

Another expert said, "Strong impulsiveness stands out for the latest kind of crime. It's impulsively committing a crime in front of the eyes without controlling the momentary anger. It's outrageous that one person was killed and another victim was killed. "I can see that it is an impulsive character." And he said, "The satisfaction that comes from conquering the opponents, sadizing them, inflicting violence, and seizing their lives. This is an example of an impulse triggered to the point where they cannot control it.

The latest suspicious behavior that occurred between the first and second events was revealed. There was a friend who received a strange text from Kim on the day Kim died. Mr. Kim sent a text message as usual. The content was asked to come to our house The

time when a friend received a text message was when Choi was with Kim, and it was highly likely that Choi, not Kim, sent a message.

In particular, the text message seemed to have told a friend who had no idea how to move to Kim's house and asked him to come home.

And the day after the first crime, the latest bell contacted Kim's friend again. He said that his wife had left the house and asked him to find him. And the point of this contact was before Choi abandoned Kim and went home.

While tracking Choi's actions, the crew discovered that Choi had been involved in sexual crimes in the past. Choi and a woman who had long been acquainted were molested by Choi.

As a result, the victim couple sued Choi, and Choi visited his wife and the victim couple to commit a misdeed. He also threatened with persistence that he did not agree. In particular, during this process, Choi uttered sexually insulting words to victims of sexual assault and made incomprehensible claims that the victims were child abusers. As a result, the sexual assault couple eventually agreed with Choi.

Choi, who was in probation at the time, escaped the sentence by this agreement. And Choi's probation goes back eight years. Choi, who was serving as an industrial service agent eight years ago, was suddenly arrested one day. At the time, he was 23 years old.

He was arrested for injury, intimidation, imprisonment and special rape. At the time, he was notified by a woman who had been dating for three years to break up and met a woman with a knife and threatened him, and committed a sexual assault after violence. And he even threatened murder against the woman's family. Despite the terrible crime, the court at that time gave Choi three years of imprisonment and five years of probation. The experts were shocked by saying, "At that time, most of these were probation."

Regarding Mr. Choi's past incident, the expert said, "It is very likely that we had done this form of sexual violence before." In response, Choi's acquaintance said, "I started drinking rape, strangled, and this started from middle school. I know more than four or five people. I fainted and raped.

And the production team met a woman who had something to report about Choi. He was a victim of sexual assault when he was a teenager.

He said, "When I opened my eyes and felt popular, he was there. He climbed over me and tried to take off his pants. But I had friends next to him, so I couldn't resist loudly." Choi, who was with many friends at the time, raped the woman.

And the victim woman said, "At that time, I was young and my latest bell was a good friend from Jeonju. Even if I wanted to report it, I was afraid that the period of punishment was short and I couldn't be punished. I couldn't."

Also, the woman said, "If at that time, Korea had reported that the system of sex crimes was strengthened and the system was well equipped, then would the latest species have been murdered. It may have been born like that, but then if I report and have been punished, such a violent crime will happen. I once thought that it might not have been."

Currently, allegations of sexual assault and theft are denied, and only the latest species admits to murder, claiming to be a body and soul. On the day after the first crime, Choi Jong-hyun revealed that he had overdose and tried to commit suicide. And the production team also confirmed that the rescue team was dispatched at the time.

The rescue workers who were dispatched at the time said, "It wasn't a serious situation at the time, and it was violent to the rescuers and turned over to the guardians and returned."

Then, what kind of symptoms does the medicine he took actually show? The expert explained, "It is a drug that may have a memory loss, such as taking a drug after taking it and the film is cut off. However, it seems that the drug does not work when the 119 rescuers are angry."

At the time of the special rape incident 8 years ago, he suffered from his farewell with his girlfriend, and he was tired of his psychological state, saying that he had suffered from depression, ate sleep, prayed for suicide and was treated for depression.

In response, the latest acquaintances said, "Every child who played with us ate 70 tablets like that. It was fashionable. It was not an attempt to commit suicide, but a bet. Eating a sleeping pill and not beating it."

Then, why was the latest species sentenced to probation even in special rape? At that time, the court said that there was no criminal record, and that the agreement with the victim was taken into account and sentenced to probation.

In response, the latest acquaintance said, "The victim threatened to go later if he didn't agree. The older brother said he would not go and let him go. So the victim agreed."

Choi Jong-jong, who was 25 years old after a special rape case and even committed a robbery invasion at Mart, was sentenced to six months in prison at the time and was forced to live in prison for three years and six months in combination with the crimes committed earlier.

However, at the time of the decision to constitutionalize the violence law, Choi Jong-jong called for a reconsideration of a crime committed when he was 23 years old, and his sentence was suspended again.

One lawyer said, "I was really lucky. It was a bad act that the confinement law itself was unconstitutional, but it was unconstitutional because there was no punishment balance. It was applied to the latest species and he used it well."

Choi Jong-jong, who wrote seven reflections and always agreed with the victims, knew the meaning of the reflections and agreements better than anyone else. And he knew that it would not have been easy to refuse from the victim's point of view when his consensus proposal came in.

However, is it possible that the reflection gate toward the judges, not the victims, makes sense? The expert said, "People who write well in the prison are very popular even in prisons. Victims do not have the opportunity to confirm and refute it. Therefore, there are also writer companies that write intently and write them instead."

Also, the expert said about the latest species, "You must have known that the crimes of the spleen that you can do at any time through various crimes are agreements and reflections." And he was sorry that the recent murder may not have happened if there were severe penalties during the rape.

The family of Choi Jong-jong said, "I am fully acknowledging, regretting, and reflecting on the case. But if I have committed a crime, I should not be punished unjustly. Even if I get one year, two years, it will be five years and ten years." Attracted.

(SBS funE Hyo-Jung Kim editor)